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Protect Your Skin and Hair with These Winter Care Tips

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Winter is almost here as evidenced by the sweaters being pulled out from the remote corners of the wardrobe. Along with the change in wardrobe, there is a change in how you care for your skin and hair. Listed below are a few tips on how to care of you this winter…

#1 The Essentials of Moisturizing

If you have seen the ads for moisturizers on TV, you will know just how essential they are for your skin, especially during the winters. Your skin tends to get dry more easily than in other seasons due to the coolness. Ensure that you apply a good amount of moisturizer immediately post your bath so that your skin can soak it better. Choose from amongst the various fragrances available to find the one that suits you the most. Check the latest paytm offers to buy your products online.

#2 Quick, Cool Showers

You may wish to stick under the hot showers for hours together, but it is advisable to not to do so. Longer amounts of exposure to hot water may result in loss of natural moisture in your skin which may be hard to replenish using just moisturizers. Stick to quick showers, preferably of cool-lukewarm water.


#3 Include Vitamin C in your Diet

There are certain foods that improve the production of the protein collagen in your body which works to maintain the skin tissue. Citrus fruits, green leafy veggies are good sources of Vitamin C.

#4 Avoid Windburns

The cool air outside can wreak havoc on your exposed skin. Long exposure to such cool winds may result in reddening or soreness of the skin. Prevent this by stepping out draped with a scarf or stole.

#5 Caring for your Feet

Winters often bring with them callused feet. You may find cracks creeping into your heels due to the climate. However, you can easily reverse this by scrubbing the sole of your feet with a pumice stone once every week. The dead skin as well as the cracks is taken care of this way. It is easy to forget to moisturize your feet but ensure that you do. Apply generous amounts of it especially before sleep as that is the best time for your feet to absorb the moisturizer. Preferably wear cotton socks to bed as it helps the skin to soak the cream better.

#6 Those Chapped & Cracked Lips

Make sure you carry a lip balm wherever you go. Not only when outdoors, but you need to apply a lip balm or Vaseline when you’re indoors too. If your lips feel flaky, gently scrub off the skin with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

#7 The Dandruff-y Scalp

When washing your hair, limit the exposure to drying hot water as it is a major cause of dandruff in the winters. Switch to dandruff preventing shampoos for the season.

Yes, winter is a beautiful season to be in, but make sure you care for your skin and hair as much as you do about the winter fashion trends!

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