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How To Be Prudent But Also A Fun Student

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Is it possible to be an organized and conscientious student whilst also having fun during your studies? The simple answer is yes, but there is no definitive guide as to the perfect balance between a studious mentality and living life to its fullest. It depends on you as a person, the specific course you’re studying and the institution you’re attending. The point is that, no matter how hard or time-consuming your studies may be, you’re still a human being. You’re a young person, and you should be enjoying life. You need to take breaks from your studies to recharge, so here are some tips to help you get the balance between working hard and playing hard.

Balance your time well.

Being the master of your time and creating an organized schedule shouldn’t just benefit your studies in terms of getting all your coursework done on time and squeezing in enough time for revision when exam time approaches. You need to be balancing and organizing your time so that you set aside enough ‘slots’ for relaxation and socializing with friends. Perhaps you’re very academically-focused and the thought of succeeding with your studies overrules the desire to leave your room for anything other than lectures, but you might find that failing to see the light of day, take a moment’s break or simply meet up with friends on your course will have an adverse effect on your studies. You need to reenergize yourself after a long day of studying; eating, sleeping and switching your brain off to laugh with friends are all ways of ensuring that your mind returns to your studies stronger than ever afterward.


Save money wherever you can.

You’re probably laughing, as this lesson is essentially part of ‘Being A Student 101’. Of course, just because you know you should be saving money, this doesn’t mean you are saving money in every possible way. As someone who is newly independent, you’re facing lots of costs and responsibilities that you likely didn’t have when you were at home. It’s important that you look at the energy bills if you’re sharing a house with friends and remember to turn off lights, laptops and only have the heating on when you need it. You could also look into options such as DIRECTV deals for TV subscription packages, as buying endless films and new music whenever it comes out, in order to provide entertainment for house parties, is going to put a dent in your bank account.



Take a risk.

As a hard-working and focused student, you likely enjoy the order and structure of your life. You like creating post-it notes and schedules for every element of your day, as it’s comforting to know exactly what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. However, heading to college or university is also a time for you to grow as a person, and it might help you to achieve that if you live life on the edge now and then. If you do something which scares you, such as joining a drama club or even auditioning for a play, you’ll learn something whether you succeed or fail. It’s the shots we miss which change us a person and not the shots we fail to take.


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