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Pyro Mini: Can Technology and Fire Make a Good Mix?

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There are always new gadgets to impress us and make us dream of a better future. However, this next invention could get mixed reactions depending on what you consider as cool and good additions to the world of technology. This new technology called Pyro Mini (http://www.ellusionist.com/) is among the upcoming gadgets that are being talked about on the web and it’s actually a device that allows you to throw fireballs right from the wrist.

While it might appear as a joke at first, the Pyro Mini is actually a real device that has some of its uses. Its main one if of course to show off and the product is mainly intended to be used by professionals, although the news has hit the web in a pretty mainstream way. While kids who love video games and virtual worlds might dream of accomplishing such action, the Pyro Mini isn’t made to be handled by anyone and of any age. Only professional adults will be able to make good use of it, and the device is already being optimized for better performance.

Is it being marketed properly?

Despite being stated as only for use by professionals, the device seems to be marketed pretty freely and it’s possible that the initial message could be misleading « Pyro Mini Turns Your Boring Wrist into Flamethrowers ». Still, the creators state that safety should be priority when buying and using such a device. Being an illusionist is of course a profession of its own and the Pyro Mini can give a lot of power to just about anyone, which makes it pretty questionable when to it becoming more popular and actually being considered a dangerous weapon. Still, the news easily went around the web and plenty are asking how exactly this was made possible.



Flash paper would then come as the answer for the material that’s easily set on fire and that allows the concept to work. The fact that it shoots real fire will allow for spectacular magic stunts and pros will be able to add it to their arsenal for quite a small price at 150 USD. Really, the company is putting forward all the arguments for it to be an easy sell, including the infamous money-back guarantee. The product then comes with all the instructions and can allow the user to shoot fireballs without holding anything in the hand. Efforts went into the design to make the experience as unreal as possible. Then, many people might expect such gadgets to be demanding in terms of battery but the Pyro Mini can charge just like a cell phone with a USB cord.

Technology to improve performances

Professional magicians have sometimes been known to perform risky stunts to amaze crowds, and perhaps this new tool will help a few concepts turn into a reality. As a spectator, you can never know when technology enters into play to make the tricks succeed, but surely this kind of product can transform the way performers prepare their show. This can either facilitate a part of a trick or simply launch more creative ideas depending on how something like the Pyro Mini is used. Of course, the Pyro Mini seems to produce some interesting results visually so that would be something performers could put to good use.


Then, the next question would be if the hype concerning a product like this will quickly die off once the crowd, in other words the web, will have seen what it’s capable of. All while technology can come to the help of performers with a tool like the Pyro Mini, our actual computers and the speed of the web of today can quickly make a performance become repetitive. Marketing is important when it comes to these products, because it could also affect its longevity as well. Pyro Mini seems to be playing its cards by making it openly accessible around the web, so we will have to wait and see on how that turns out.

Also, do magic and such tricks should be made widely accessible? Or shouldn’t companies try to sell them directly where performers hang out and train? Those would be interesting questions to ask. Then, the quality, support and durability of the product should be put to the test to see if 150$ is really the accurate price for an item like this. As it is often the case with such offers around the web, the offer made by Ellusionist.com seems to be truly tempting, but it’s still a new concept that can be expected to have some flaws. Hopefully, the first clients are satisfied (and safe) and this new product can make some good work. There are some objections that will come to it right from the start, but only time will tell if the Pyro Mini is a product that can be taken seriously. If it fails, this can also be a lesson on how to market such products properly and perhaps in a less aggressive manner. Nonetheless, the impressive accomplishment and mix of technology and flash paper will trigger some reactions around the web. This isn’t necessarily a case of if such an item can exist, but rather where and how it can be sold so that everyone can be safe. If people have problems with such a concept, than the web should speak up to make some improvements to the whole idea.

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