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Quick Tips to Pick the Right Life Insurance Policy – Quirks Quiz

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Roughly 60 percent of Americans hold a life insurance policy, but many of them are unaware of the terms of the policies they have. Life insurance isn’t as straightforward as many of us think. A range of quirks can impact policyholders and their beneficiaries at various times in life, such as when the policyholder changes jobs or dies. When you understand life insurance and its quirks, you can make smarter decisions about your insurance policy so that it better serves you and your family members. You’re also less likely to be one of the 50 percent of American policyholders who don’t have enough coverage to adequately care for their loved ones after they’ve died.

How savvy are you about life insurance? Put your knowledge to the test with our life insurance quirks quiz. It takes only a few minutes to see how much you know about employer life insurance policies, funeral coverage, and other elements of life insurance you should know. Answer the multiple-choice questions and get instant, informative feedback on your responses. If you don’t know an answer, don’t worry. We’ll tell you the right response to help you understand life insurance policies and their quirks better.

Every question you get correct on the life insurance quirks quiz earns you points toward special Health IQ badges. When you’re done, compare your results with your friends and other Americans on the Health IQ leaderboard. Start the quiz now to see just how much you know about the quirks of life insurance.


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