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Why Quit Tobacco Smoking?

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If you tend to smoke tobacco, then you are definitely messing with your health. Many try to smoke for fun or to look cool. Others use it as a method of relieving stress. However, what starts as a leisurely activity to cope with stress may soon spiral to a habit and then an addiction. If you don’t stop smoking, it can lead to several fatal medical conditions in your life.

What happens while you are smoking regularly?

When you smoke tobacco, you introduce your body to the below harmful effects.



  • Tobacco has nicotine in it that contains carcinogens, responsible for causing various types of cancers. Not to mention, nicotine leads to addiction. Nicotine that is carried in the body is absorbed by the blood vessels quickly, spreading all over. This gradually degenerates the functioning of the organs.
  • Smoking tobacco leads to extreme tiredness or fatigue.
  • A tobacco-smoker may experience stiffening of the blood vessels that lead to various heart diseases.
  • It can also lead to pneumonia and dark circles under one’s eyes, thus making one look as if experiencing malnutrition.
  • One can witness the formation of wrinkles on the skin faster when addicted to tobacco smoking.
  • A tobacco-smoker also faces stains on teeth and a sore throat.

What happens when you quit smoking?

If you tend to stop smoking tobacco, then your body experiences the following:


  • The blood pressure and heart rates return to normal.
  • One experiences better chances of living a longer life on quitting this habit as smoking would have otherwise led to several illnesses.
  • If a pregnant lady quits smoking then she can help save her child from being born underweight and also avoid chances of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
  • It decreases the chances of facing infertility or becoming impotent.
  • The medications (that you may have been administering) will have improved effects on the body.
  • Improvement in the nerves of the nose and mouth leading to better sensing of smell and taste.
  • Less chance of facing medical conditions like dementia, thyroid, osteoporosis, cataract, etc.
  • Pressure on the lungs decreases, thus helping them work better again.
  • Reduction in the chance of cancers in the body after passing several months without smoking.
  • Reduction in the chances of heart stroke and other heart diseases with time.
  • Improvement in breathing, letting you stay healthier without running out of breath.
  • Improvement in the blood circulation in body and reduction in the formation of phlegm. This further decreases coughing.
  • Reduction in the quantity of carbon monoxide in the body and improvement in the quantity of oxygen.

As you can clearly see, there are many benefits incurred when you stop smoking. Many of these may or may not have immediate positive effects, but you will definitely see the positivity flow into your healthy lifestyle once you quit inhaling tobacco fumes.

Some may try choosing an alternative like vaping to overcome the harmful effects of smoking. Do note, however, that it may reduce the risks but is not a 100% healthy alternative to smoking tobacco. So, follow a lifestyle that is free from such habits and regain control over your health.

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