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Ready for Sale: How to Boost Your Car’s Value

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As a car owner, you know how hard it is to part ways with your car. It has served you so well and you love it so much, but, it is time to let go. One thing you can do before selling it is work on it to increase its sale value. There are simple tricks and actions which can help you improve the look and of your car and raise its value. Here is a list of 5 things you can do without much effort and still get great results.

#1: Easy Repairs

Start with the things that are necessary. Look all over your car and see what needs immediate attention and repairing. Check under the hood as well; front bumpers, rear bumper, lights. Everything needs to be in good working order for the car to achieve maximum selling value. Fix everything that needs fixing and add the money invested to the price. This is the first and the most important step when selling a car – making sure that everything works flawlessly.


#2: Bye-Bye Dust and Rust

Did you know that by simply cleaning and vacuuming the entire interior of the car, you can raise the selling price for about $50 to a few hundred dollars? Doing it yourself will consume a few hours of your time and save you the $30 that the car washers charge. If you have leather seats or covers inside your car, give them a special treatment. Scrub the carpeting, wash them properly and thoroughly, and clean all the dust and rust.


#3: Shine bright like a Diamond

Investing in a new paint job could cost a small fortune, which is why you should find an alternative. One way of restoring your car’s paint and glow is by buying and applying a good car wax and stain removal. These vary in price, but a good one can be obtained for as much as $20-30. The rest is only hard work. Ever watched Karate Kid? Wax on, wax off; wax on, wax off. Keep repeating until your car restores most of it radiating shine.


#4: Wheels are Important

If you are looking to get a top dollar for your car, make sure you take care of your wheels. This means several things: ensuring that your wheels are relatively or well-maintained, shiny and lustrous. Get rid of the dirt and grime and make them look like they’re brand new. Also, check your tires for wear signs. If you notice wear signs, a smart thing to do would be to replace them with matching tires. Used ones can cost anywhere from $30 to a $100. If you neglect the tires and try selling the car with worn ones, be prepared to knock off the price for the new buyer will definitely notice it.


#5: Look around for the Best Buyer

Most of the time you will get offers that are just below your asking price. The goal is to raise the price and get paid the top dollar. To achieve this, you can look around and advertise your car in every possible way. Since you have already finished working on your car and done things to increase its value, now you have to find the right buyer. Asking around and offering your car might bear fruit, for you will definitely expand the number of potential clients. Wait for the right offer, and don’t rush to sell your car.

It takes time, but after days of working on your car, all that hard work will literally pay off. Do all the things you can, improve the looks and the glow of your car, provide all of the necessary documentation and wait for the right buyer.

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