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Ready For Spring Cleanup?

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Ready For Spring Cleanup? The arrival of spring is a great excuse to get the house in order. Cluttered rooms and an overgrown garden can make a house less enjoyable to live in. This is a guide to making sure that a spring cleanup is as thorough as possible.

Throw Away Unwanted Items

Getting rid of unwanted items which are cluttering up the house is the first step of a good spring cleanup. Hire Perth skip bins to take care of any rubbish which needs to be thrown away or which won’t fit in the garage. The trick here is to be as ruthless as possible – clutter builds up when people hang onto things for no clear reason. Carefully make an inventory of all the items which could be thrown out, then separate them into ‘Keep’ and ‘Throw Away’ lists. Avoid drawing up a ‘Maybe Keep’ list as this leads to unneeded items being kept most of the time.


Hire Perth’s best skip bins by West Bin to deal with all of the unwanted clutter that will be thrown away.


Have a Yard Sale

A yard sale is a good way to make money whilst getting rid of any unwanted items. Advertise the sale on social media and put up flyers to attract as many people as possible. Once the sale is finished, any unsold items can be thrown away or taken to a charity shop.

Clean the Windows

Windows can often be neglected during a cleanup. However, windows can look unsightly if they go unwashed or become damaged. Hire a window-cleaner to take care of the job and to make the windows look as good as new. Well-kept windows help to make a good impression on guests who come to stay or people passing by.


Pressure-Wash the Driveway

Driveways can become infested with weeds and dirt if they are not looked after properly. Hire a jet-washer to blast away all the grime from the drive. Then, dig out any weeds which have grown through the concrete. Weed roots can spread and cause concrete to break apart, so it is important that they are dealt with as soon as they appear.

Trim the Lawn and Plant Flowers

Spending time in an overgrown garden isn’t very appealing. Cut the grass and trim the hedge to keep the garden neat and tidy. Replace any plants which are dying, and plant vibrant flowers in their place. Also, sweep any dead leaves which have collected on the lawn so that the grass looks fresh.


Give the House a Fresh Lick of Paint

Painting a few rooms which may have become a little shabby is a great way to give the house a lift. The house will look brighter and the rooms will look more appealing. This is a cost-effective alternative to giving rooms a full makeover, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Follow the steps in this guide for a stress-free spring clean which will leave the house looking brand new.

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