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Real Jobs That Allow You To See The World

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People are living longer than ever before, but at the same time, life feels shorter than ever before. It is almost as if people have had a sudden realization that life can’t simply be about work. You may feel this way. It could be that you want to spend more time with your family, spend more time to do the things you love or more time to see the world.

That latter point is one that comes up a lot. People want to explore the world, see new places and experience new cultures, and so they want jobs that will allow them to travel and have that something that’s a little different. But what jobs allow this, real jobs that are? Not things like blogging and Instagram fame, but real career paths. Read on to find out.

An Archaeologist

If you’re looking to travel to some of the unique corners of our world then you need to look no further than life as an archaeologist. They travel all over to recover and preserve artifacts that belong to lost cultures and long deceased humans. In terms of what you’ll need to do, most of the time you’ll need a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. in a related field – like anthropology or archaeology – then you’ll need to browse for safety shoes, browse for field experience and then browse for jobs. After this, you could be enjoying extended trips to dig sites.



An International Aid Worker

If you’re not happy spending your life locked in an office from 9-5, then it may not just be about your want to travel; it may also be that you want to make a difference in the world. So why not consider working for an International Aid Organization? There are loads to choose from, like WFP, Oxfam, UNICEF and The Red Cross to name just a few. You’ll see the world but we can assure you it won’t be holiday destinations. No. You’ll visit struggling countries, those affected by drought, war or natural disaster. In terms of your background, there are numerous options to you including experience in health, education, social work, and agriculture.


A Roadie

It doesn’t matter whether your interest is theater, music, film or motorsport, they are all productions that travel around the globe and for that, they need roadies and stagehands to help pack up and deliver the equipment. Of course, each field requires a different level of help – and a varying amount of hands – they are still needed. It could be that you get a job setting up a Formula 1 garage ahead of the next race or lugging props around the US with a theater company or anything. Of course, if that last one takes your fancy, there is no qualification needed. You just need to look for jobs on somewhere like stage employees union website.


An Events Coordinator

You may be thinking to yourself, “how?” which is probably because you are thinking of small, local events like weddings and parties, but think bigger. Events like festivals and trade shows and art installations are all events that hop around the globe, and if you get into this type of career you’ll see your passport fill with visa stamps pretty quick. As a job itself, it is very hands on. It requires meeting with vendors, getting the right location, encouraging ticket sales, approaching celebrities and influencers, known people that will attract a crowd and attractions that will keep them there. What’s more, there are plenty of jobs going in this realm, and it is just a matter of climbing the ranks.


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