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Reason to Say Yes an Orangery Conservatory Designs

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An orangery is more substantial than a conservatory. It is usually made of brick or masonry to match the existing property, with floor to ceiling windows and a lantern style roof. It is a type of conservatory built to add works as a relaxing place in chilling winters. Originally they were built to grow citrus fruits in winter but with time they turned into areas to chill and relax in the warmth and cozy temperature.

History of Orangery

In ancient times, the structure of house was build with a motive of citrus plant like orange or lemons. It was a similar to greenhouse or conservatory. The main reason to build organary conservatory was to grow delicate citrus plant in winter. Orange tree was the main tree used for propagation in those days, hence these structure were named as orangery or orangeries.

Orangeries were built because citrus plant require extra care and shelter during long dark winter. It was impossible for them to live through the hard frosts, snow and ice. With this motivation orangeries conservatories were built. The orange trees and citrus plants were grown in tubs instead of soils so that they can be moved out when the s were gone. The gates were made large enough to allow easy access to move citrus plants without an restriction. When the temperature fall down to zero, simply covering with citrus plant is not enough so orangeries were built using highly glazed glasses to provide maximum light and warmth during winter. Sometimes stove or heaters were used to keep the temperature in tolerable limits. Orangeries became famous because of the citrus aroma they were filled up with. They were identified as luxurious extension to large houses. Now , this conservatory may serve as many purpose. In this article we discuss some reason for using orangery.


Heating Effect

The main benefit of Orangeries Fareham is the heating effect. The sunrays entering the orangeries which spread maximum amount of sunlight and heat into the space. It are made up of double glazed glasses that make the heating more effective. Orangery give heat throughout the winter. So in this way you can relax without spending money on heater and radiators. This orangeries help to reduce the electric bills and always gives you a warm place to relax in chilling winter without having to worry about the heating bills.


Additional Space

Orangeries act as an extension to your existing house. This addition space can be used for money different purpose. The most common used as dinning or sitting areas. Orangery use for your leisure activities like gardening or reading. It can also convert to reading room by simply place some book racks and reading table. The additional space can be used in many different ways depending on the owner requirement.


As we know, orangery is made up of glass so sunrays can penetrate easily and light up the room. So this way it saving some money on electricity. Moreover, if the orangery is constructed keeping the direction in mind, you can enjoy natural light throughout the day.


Increase Value

Nowadays, orangeries are becoming more and more popular. Its built a status symbol for their elegent looks and classic structure . Even home seekers and estate agents give more value to houses having orangeries. Thus by building an orangery you will also increase the real estate value of your home.

Vicinity of Nature

You can enjoy natural sunlight in an orangery. Apart from this, you can enjoy the aroma of being in the vicinity of mother nature by planting few plants or shrubs. Planted some flowers or scanted trees will make your orangery conservatory designs even more pleasant to be in.

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