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Reasons to Buy a Second Hand Car

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Delhi, the capital of India is a huge city. For instance, you could be a resident of Punjabi Bagh, having an office/shop/business in Saket. In such cases it becomes really difficult to travel up and down every day without a personal car. Though there are options of public transport available across the city such as metro, buses and auto-rickshaw, but nothing can beat the comfort of your own car.

But if you’re stuck in a dilemma like many others regarding the budget and finding a suitable car without spending too much, buying a second hand car in Delhi is the best option. It is because you can buy the car you desire in an amount much less than what you pay for a new one.

Travelling in a second-hand car is nothing to be ashamed of. Many people have different reasons of buying a second-hand car in Delhi. Some of those reasons are mentioned below:



If you are still practicing or are new to the crowded Delhi roads not too confident about your driving skills, a second-hand car will definitely come to your rescue. Saving your big, new car for when you’re an expert, an old second-hand car can help you polish your skills. So log onto Olx, Quikr, Carwale, Zigwheels etc to find the best car to help you practice.

Short-term stay

Relocated to Delhi for a year? A second-hand car is the most viable option for you. If you’re not well versed with the public transport system of Delhi and want to own a car without spending heaps, you can buy a second hand car online or from a dealer and sell it when you leave the city if you please.


You’re a working professional with a limited income and tons of liabilities, it is understood that paying for a new car can dig holes in your pocket. To avoid that situation, the option of a second-hand car is best suited. You can find a car which is of a decent brand, size and perfect for your family along with fitting into your budget at the same time.


Some people possess a hobby of collecting cars. Call it a fetish simply their love for cars. Be it vintage cars, sports cars, jeeps etc. So, in order to not spend your entire income on cars, second-hand cars are their best friends. They can own it, enjoy it, show it off, take care and maintain it, all at a cost so nominal.

So, don’t shy away from buying a second-hand car in Delhi as it is totally a comfort call. Having many perks, a car can protect you from the scorching heat, biting cold, rain and thunderstorms. Enjoy your rides with your friends and family.

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