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How To Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Footprint

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Every day the news is filled with yet another tragedy due to Global Warming. Koala Bears are now drinking water for the first time in history, and Polar Bears are losing more and more of their natural habitat daily – not to mention the ocean is filling with plastic quicker than we are physically able to clear it. You may be thinking that you want to do your part, but how could just one company make a difference? Setting a good example in your industry sector will not only gain you respect from customers but will rival your competitors. Showing that your company cares about the effect it is having on the environment could save your business money, depending on local tax legislation, and make you more appealing to investors. It will also help to improve your marketing campaign and widen your target demographic by attracting carbon conscious customers. Here are a few ways you can encourage the reduction of carbon emissions for your business.

Carpools And Cycling Incentives

If you work in an office or a remote location that requires everyone to drive in, encouraging and creating a carpool system can significantly reduce both your’s and your employee’s carbon emissions. You can do this by grouping employees that live close to each other together to help get everyone to work. Each member of the group can contribute to fuel costs for the designated driver to save everyone money overall – an extra incentive to carpool. If where you work is quite accessible, you may want to set up a cycling programme in the office. This not only will encourage the reduction of your carbon footprint, but also a healthy life choice that will get your employees’ blood pumping and ensure they are energized and refreshed ready for work. This will help improve business efficiency and timekeeping, helping to reduce business costs further. You could even offer a cycling proficiency programme to help build confidence for employees who do not feel safe on the road, encourage cycling to work across the whole board.


Reduce Your Waste

Supplying a water fountain and recycling bins are mandatory business practices nowadays, however, it may be time to reevaluate how your company, and employees, utilize their use. Can you liaise with your suppliers to ensure they are using the least amount of packaging materials needed for your product? Are there signs to ensure your employees know what materials need to be recycled rather than thrown in landfill garbage? Could you provide your employees with reusable bottles rather than them having to use an excessive amount of plastic cups for the water fountain? Be sure to check that the company you use for your commercial garbage pick up has an excellent recycling programme in place that covers the materials your company is in excess of – for example, soft plastic, batteries, small hazardous waste items etc. Depending on the nature of your business, it is a good idea to do your research and find a waste program that best suits your business needs.



Taking small steps and reevaluating the way your company thinks about waste and employee travel can contribute significantly to the larger step humanity is making towards reducing our contribution to Global Warming. Hopefully, this has given some food for thought on how you, and your company, can do just that.

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