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Relax & Refresh: A Vacation To Rejuvenate The Mind, Body & Soul

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Let’s face it, life can get stressful for all of us at times. Long and busy days, pressure from work, hectic family life and trying to squeeze in hobbies (and some kind of a social life) on top can all take their toll. Over time it can lead to burnout, and leave us feeling physically and mentally exhausted. Getting away from it all for a week or two can be hugely beneficial, a chance to relax, totally de- stress and when you do return back to your routine you feel rejuvenated and productive. While all vacations are fun, there’s no doubt that some are more relaxing than others. Visiting crammed theme parks, bustling markets, skiing or white water rafting might give you a good dose of adventure in your life but won’t necessarily reduce your stress! Here are a few ideas if relaxing is your main goal.

Go Boating

With the open water and the wind in your hair, there are few things more relaxing than a boating vacation. You could go on an enormous boat by booking a cruise, this is great as you get to experience the ocean while having everything you need right on board. From shops to restaurants and fun things to do, plus you get to stop at different destinations along the way allowing you to travel some of the worlds too. If an ocean cruise isn’t for you, how about a river cruise? This is a completely different experience since rivers are inland and often go right through the center of large cities. You can cruise through Europe on the barges and canals of the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary and more. You can even book tours of some of the world’s biggest rivers such as the Zambezi and Yangtze. America also has some incredible rivers to tour, allowing you some of the best fishing experiences in the world, Corsetti’s Guide Service has more information if this is something that piques your interest. Alternatively, you could make boating an additional part of another vacation. You could hire a yacht for a few days during your trip, and explore the waters around where you’re staying. Whether it’s in California or Dubai, it’s the perfect way to see any destination from another point of view. And is a very luxurious, bucket- list kind of activity that everyone should aim to do at some point in their lives!


Go To The Beach

Golden sands, blue waters, palm trees and a drink in hand while you chill out in a hammock- can you think of anything more relaxing? A week or two of sun, sand, and sea could be just what the doctor ordered if you’ve been feeling a little stressed. Beach vacations might not be the most groundbreaking, but there’s a reason they’re so popular. They’re enjoyable, you get to lie out in beautiful warm weather and take in the views.  Do your research and be sure to find a beach that’s not too packed- fighting for a sun lounger or space on the sand can certainly take the relaxing element out of it. If you have to pay a little more to get somewhere a bit quieter and more luxe then it’s worth doing, especially when you’ve set out to go on a relaxing vacation. If you find somewhere which offers things like swimming with dolphins, scuba diving, paddle boarding and other activities you have the option for things to do on the days where you’re not just topping up your tan. Dreamland Beach in Bali, Bathsheba Beach in Barbados, Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands and Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda are considered some of the best in the world. Your budget and how far from home you’re prepared to fly will narrow things down, but do plenty of research on the area to avoid any disappointment. Be sure to check out things like the climate and weather for the time of year you plan on going. Locations in the Southern Hemisphere will, of course, have their summers between September and December meaning the best weather will come later in the year.



Stay at a Resort

The great thing about resorts is that they have everything you need right on hand. The hotel, restaurants, shops and things to do are all within the resort meaning you do not have to mess around with public transport or driving while you’re away. Some will even have their own private beach area, so leading on from the point above this is something to consider. If you go with somewhere that’s all inclusive, you don’t even need to watch what you’re spending. A couple of weeks of pure indulgence with everything you need within a stone’s throw of where you’re staying. Some of the most luxurious resorts in the world include Constance Moofushi in the Maldives, offering sea views directly over the water, high-end entertainment systems, and idyllic beach and a number of watersports. Samabe Suites and Villas in Bali offers a beachfront resort with a private beach, infinity pool, top notch amenities and daily activities for all ages. If Thailand is your kind of destination, The Village Coconut Island in Phuket gives you a real sense of exclusivity since it can only be reached by water or helicopter! Again private beaches, an infinity pool, and activities such as a Thai cooking school give you things to do and lots of opportunities to relax. Once you’ve narrowed down your destination, spend some time looking into the best resorts.


Visit a Remote Destination

Maybe you’re after a spiritual adventure, or want to ‘find yourself.’ Perhaps your idea of a relaxing break is simply away from it all- people, traffic, noise, and pollution. If so, visiting an of the world that’s off the beaten path could give you exactly what you’re looking for. You could go camel trekking across the Australian Outback, one of the most sparsely populated places on earth. You could visit Tiger Leaping Gorge in China, one of the deepest gorgeous on the planet offering spectacular views while allowing you to revel in solitude. You’re only likely to come across a few hikers all day. Fort Severn in Ontario is another uniquely isolated destination- the nearest permanent road is over four hundred kilometers away as the town is made up of local roads only. Fort Severn was inhabited for thousands of years by different cultures of indigenous people, so if you’re looking to get off the beaten path and revel in history and culture something like this may well be what you’re looking for!


Spend Time in Nature

Forget to fight through crowds of tourists to see popular sights. Why not go on the kind of vacation where you can see epic natural sights instead? Mountains, valleys, meadows, incredible plants and wildlife. Enjoying a holiday in nature means you could camp, bike, canoe, watch birds and sit around a campfire. If you want to get away from it all, switch off your phone and enjoy some peace and quiet, then this is a perfect choice. There are so many absolutely spectacular national parks across the world which allow you to do exactly this. Some will offer things like camping ‘pods’ which give you somewhere sheltered to sleep and basic cooking and bathroom facilities. Or you could go for something a little more raw and gritty- pitch a tent, bring your sleeping bag and your own equipment. Some parks will be busier than others, so if you want real peace and quiet make sure you look into how many people usually visit. If you’re on more of a budget, then something like this would be a great option as it doesn’t cost much to do. Unlike booking hotels, excursions, restaurants and everything else this is very cheap to do. In the day you could go hiking and picnicking to take in the views, and at night cook on a barbecue or over the fire, look up at the stars and listen to the wind through the trees. An incredible way to get away from the daily grind.


Whether your budget is large or small, whether you want a five-star hotel or a cozy lodge, and whether you prefer the beach or the woods- there’s something out there for you. Having a vacation to look forward to in the year can help to motivate you at work, and having that time off really does make a world of difference to your well-being. Don’t feel bad about dedicating this time to relax, your time off doesn’t have to be spent cramming hundreds of activities and other things in to make it worthwhile. Decide on what kind of destination and break would make you happiest, and go about planning to make it a reality! When you return, you’ll be ready to tackle whatever life throws at you again.

What kind of break do you find most relaxing? Which of these vacations would appeal to you most?

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