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Renew your Health Insurance Online Instantly

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Quick health insurance renewal has been made possible online. When you decide to do an online renewal of your health insurance policy, you get various benefits, including the ‘instant’ renewal and flexible payment options. It is rather simple and convenient method to renew your policy.

How to renew your health insurance policy online?

You will require the following information for online renewal.

  • Your policy number and expiry date
  • Debit/Credit/Net banking details
  • Your policy copy (for reference only)

You will likely receive e-intimation through SMS/email. Your policy number will be mentioned in it. Your e-intimation can appear in the following way.


Policy number
Renewal details (for log-in)



Fourth year

Steps to renew online

Step 1- Options

You can create a user login and password. You can then click on renew option. By creating a user id, you can view complete policy details on screen.

You can directly login by clicking on the renew button. You will be required to feed in your (exact) existing policy number.

What you need to know

  • Your renewal policy number and expiry date
  • Your username and password option assist you, even if you forget your policy number
  • You will receive email/SMS reminders, sharing your renewal policy details for reference

Step 2- Confirmation

  • Your renewal (premium) amount
  • Click on add-on options, if you require it
  • New premium amount will be displayed and needs to be confirmed further
  • At this stage, you can check the number of insured members. You can add/edit a family member at this stage.

What you need to know

  • Standard renewal amount will be displayed on the site
  • You can review add-on cover options on the same page
  • In case you click on an add-on cover option, the new premium amount will be displayed on the same page

Step 3- Payment option

  • Choose netbanking/debit/credit card (or others)
  • Key in your details

What you need to know

Whichever option you choose for payment, it is good to opt for one-time-password for the added security

Step 4- Payment confirmation

  • If you need a ready reference, click on the option (print)
  • You will receive an email/SMS confirmation instantly

What you need to know

  • You will receive an email and mobile confirmation
  • You will also receive a digitally signed copy
  • You can also choose to print the receipt, displayed on screen right after your payment process is over

If there is any problem or confusion about your renewal payment, it is advisable to speak to the customer care team instantly. However, except your policy number, do not disclose any other information.

Why is it important to renew your policy in time?

Ravi bought a family health insurance policy to cover his spouse and parents. Due to his hectic work schedule, he forgot to renew his policy last year, and it got lapsed. After a month, his mother suffered a heart attack and required immediate hospitalization.

Ravi was confident that his health insurance policy would pay medical expenses, but later, when he approached his insurance company, the insurer rejected the claim as his policy has lapsed. As a consequence, he had to pay hospitalization expenses from his pocket. If Ravi would have renewed his health insurance online, he would not have faced this problem. The online mode could have helped him in renewing his policy in a matter of seconds.


The Final Verdict

Though your health insurance company may send you policy renewal reminder, you can’t hold the insurer legally responsible if you do not get policy renewal information.

Given the increasing medical inflation, a comprehensive health insurance policy has become a necessity. However, your health policy will help you only if it is valid. From apparels, grocery to books, when you buy everything online, why should you avoid buying health insurance online?

So, go online and renew your policy in a matter of seconds. After all, online renewal is easy, convenient, and equips you, with every important detail.

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