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Responsible for a Marketing Budget? Creative Ways To Spend Your Money

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We’ve seen things change a lot in the marketing space over recent years. No longer do SEO and big adverts reign supreme. As businesses, we’ve got to be more subtle, and more valuable, than that. Now we’re ushering in a new era. It’s an era where marketing isn’t about spamming people with a message. It’s about creating genuine improvements to their lives in the marketing process itself. Marketing experts have realized that though they are messengers, they can still improve lives.

Improving lives with marketing isn’t easy. It’s a fundamentally creative process. But if you can nail it, you’ll give your audience something new and exciting. Here’s some of what’s been going on in business that can genuinely be considered creative.

Community Is King

We’ve all heard about how content is king. Now the community is king. To see why we must turn our gaze back to 2011. 2011 is ancient history, by marketing standards. But something critical happened in that year that woke up the marketing community from its slumber. A Starbucks customer decided that he was going to give away his coffee card. He took a picture of it and posted in online, saying that anybody would be free to use it. Starbucks realized that this was a great way of getting new customers and doing something in the community. So they launched a campaign “give a coffee, get a coffee” to spread their own brand. But why was it so effective? It was a way of building the business by bringing new people into the Starbucks community. Starbucks already knew that word of mouth was an effective marketing tool. And so customer-to-customer marketing was the best way to do this.



Get Involved In Good Causes

Earlier this year, The Brain Tumour Charity launched a fundraising campaign. The idea was that people would wear bandanas to raise money for child cancer research. Along the way, the campaign attracted the attention of many businesses. One such business was Gross & Co went all in. They got all their staff wearing custom bandanas in order to help the charity reach its $140000 goal. For Gross & Co, a solicitors outfit, this was a great move. The solicitors themselves practiced in the area of family law, as well as wills and trusts. And they also dealt extensively with charities, especially when it came to giving advice. Being a part of the Brain Tumour Charity event appealed directly to their customer base.

Make Gratitude Special

Last year TD Canada Trust decided it was going to say “thank you” to its customers for being with it over the years. The company gave out over 300,000 $20 gift cards to all its eligible clients. Of course, it was a rather large reward and not something all businesses can afford. But it’s the principle that counts. Here was a company that was further investing in its client base to make them feel valuable. Your business doesn’t have to go in big when it comes to rewards. It can do smaller things to make customers feel valued. You could, for instance, send out promotional codes. Or you could do what Opentable does, and allow customers to build up points that turn into gift cards.


Get Creative On Internet Ads

It’s clear that people don’t like ads. Ad-blockers have become more and more popular over recent months. It’s partly down to the fact that people just want to get to the content. But it’s also partly down to ads being dull or annoying. There is a way to change this: make ads interesting. Recently Lloyds bank launched an interactive ad. It involved throwing a stick and then waiting for the trusty Lloyds dog to fetch it for you. Each time you threw the stick, the stick the dog brought back was bigger. Eventually, the dog brings back a tree trunk and the ad finishes and takes you to Lloyd’s site. The idea is that the tree trunk symbolizes how much your money will grow if you leave save it with the bank. These ads make ads fun. And with HTML5 and Java, they’re easy to do.

Find Out Where Your Customers Go

A photographer in the US wanted to attract more customers. She had tried all the usual methods but wasn’t flying high. Then she had a eureka moment. Why not put up adverts in the bathrooms of her clients’ favorite bars and restaurants? That’s exactly what she did, and before she knew it, she was doing a lot more business.

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