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Security Concerns of an Inner-City Store

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Crime never sleeps. No matter what time of day it is, the thought of your business collapsing due to a band of thieves coming in to rob all of your goods is all too real. Crime is present everywhere, but there is no doubt that crime soars inside of a city as opposed to the borders of a city. Every business is packed into tight blocks with screeching cars and busy roads, so it makes the perfect cover and getaway method for thieves. As a result, dealing with security when your business is deep within a city can be troublesome and traditional methods don’t work.

So how can you look after a business that’s in such a prime location? There are many methods of keeping your business safe, and here are just a couple of them.


Get to know your neighbors

Businesses all have something in common: they want to sell goods. As long as you’re not in direct competition with the people next to you, you can form a tight friendship and look out for each other. Are you closing early or you need to step out to buy lunch? Ask your neighbor to watch your store for a moment and do the same for them, perhaps even offer to get them something to eat as well. Are you closing early? Then why not spend a few minutes after work to interact with your neighbouring businesses? It’s all for the sake of building a friendship that bolsters the security for you and your surrounding area.


Detering thieves

There are many ways to deter even the craftiest of thieves. You might use traditional methods such as cameras and shutters, but nothing scares off criminals like a good floodlight. Get yourself a large bright light from a company like Nightsearcher and you’ll be laughing as your entire shop entrance and the outside of your business is completely illuminated. There will be no shadows to hide behind, no corners to duck under, and no face will be too blurry for your CCTV to uncover.


Take your belongings with you

Don’t split your profits 50/50 with your business—take them home and keep them safe with you. The more valuable things you leave in your store when you close, the more likely people will be willing to steal from you. Make sure that you leave as little money as possible in your store and take all of your keys and belongings back home to protect your profits. Of course, you don’t need to take things such as your actual products (unless it’s feasible to) but you generally want to keep as much money as you can out of your cupboards and take all of your possessions with you.


Don’t be fooled

One of the most common ways to rob your store is to play a prank on you. Since your business is public, thieves can use social engineering to trick you into coming back to your store in order to attack you or steal your property as you open up your store. Don’t let these thieves trick you. If there is really an emergency, ask who the person is and determine if it’s actually someone you know and ask why they are calling. If you arrive at the store and you don’t see any emergency services or a crowd of people you know, then return home and call the police.

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