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Self Drive Tips to Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

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Ladakh a wonderful destination on earth is worthy to explore and there are many ways where people can step in to this land known for exceptional beauty. Make sure that you explore the region completely and enjoy trekking, rafting, mountaineering, camping and a few more in the most famous sites. Travelers get a fair chance to enjoy the Tibetan culture and traditions and even taste the lip smacking Tibetan cuisine and also delhi to ladakh by road on bike. Along with this exploring the monasteries is an unusual experience as people can enjoy the peaceful environment of the places for prayers. Reaching the region depends on the personal choice of the travelers and there are many ways to reach the destination and enjoy a vacation in the most fabulous location of India.

Road trips are fun an especially people interested in travelling to Ladakh can happily pick the option of road to travel and reach Ladakh. The Manali highway and the Srinagar highway are apt for the people who love to enjoy the environment and at the same time gain an unusual experience. Driving a bike to reach the destination is not very easy and especially the place that is in between the highest peaks covered with snow is thrilling and at the same time surely a feast for the eyes.


  • While you are traveling on bike make sure that you keep a note of a few particulars as being a hilly region it is not advised to travel without proper backup. Make sure that you pick a route map and follow it strictly as the mountain passes may mislead by times.
  • It is suggested to pick the Manali or Srinagar highway as this is a smooth road that leads one to enjoy a drive to Leh-Ladakh. Along with this pack your backpacks with all essential things so that traveler will not face any trouble during the drive.
  • As a biker know more regarding your bike as the vehicle need to support you during the drive. Also the map mentions the fuel refilling stations as well as the servicing centers on the road.
  • Never ignore taking rest once it is dark and start your drive in the sunlight as this is one easy way to enjoy the scenic beauty of the region and at the same time maintain your bike in a better working condition. Even the toll gates allow the vehicles with other state registration and this doesn’t create a great problem for people who travel in their own vehicle.
  • In order to enjoy a hassle free holiday pack all your essentials, but never overload the bags as this may cause trouble. At the same time there are several places that offer accommodation along with delicious food that makes people continue their drive safely.
  • Do not overload your backpack but do not even forget to carry a first-aid box with all the necessary things as precaution like band-aid, antiseptic lotion, absorbent cotton roll, bandages, scissors, pain killers, sterile gauze dressings, crepe roll bandages, disposable gloves, cleaning wipes, sticky tapes, antiseptic cream, thermometer, medical manual, emergency phone numbers (of doctor, poison control, pharmacy, etc).
  • Do carry bottled water with you for drinking and if required for medical use (like cleaning of wounds).
  • Take some food or packets of processed food to satiate your hunger while traveling as it is difficult to find shops or restaurants in the interiors.
  • Besides taking care of your own self, you should also think about your vehicle. Therefore, you should also carry essential spares kit for your vehicle such as basic toolkit (jack and spanner), spare tyre (puncture should be checked before leaving), puncture repair kit, screwdriver set, torchlight, packs of M-Seal and Quick Fix, spare coolant and engine oil.
  • Carry waterproof backpacks and wear waterproof shoes. Carry proper woolen clothes and an extra pair of socks especially bikers as you will have to cross several water drains and streams.
  • Do not drink while driving as you will loose control over your vehicle in the tricky roads of Ladakh.
  • Don’t be in a hurry. Keep calm while riding your bike or driving a car because being in hurry on such tricky roads may cause landslide and accidents.

Whether you drive a bike or even a car to reach Ladakh make sure that you follow the self drive tips that help you in a great way on the road and never land you in troubles. So be cautious and have a face and a happy Leh Ladakh Tour in your own vehicle.

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