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SendPulse Review – A Remarkable Option For All Your Online Email Advertising Endeavors

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SendPulse is a single web-based marketing automation platform that provides the following services: SMTP, FREE webpush notifications, SMS and, most importantly, email service. With all these services SendPulse lets users create mailings, mechanically send messages, and keep track of their campaigns. SendPulse consists of in excess of 100 pre-set email layout templates that let users produce their individual templates by the use of the intrinsic drag-&-drop editor. They can insert throwaway text fields into emails and they can use such emails for personalizing emails with the information of the recipient.

An example of such a text filed is the addressing of clients by their name. Computerized emails are also able to be sent on the basis of a variety of specified triggers, which consist of activity like making a subscription to a newsletter, clicking on any link, or opening of an email, / pre lapelled information, an example of which is the sending of messages on the birthdays of subscribers. The subjects of email and text of the body could be A/B tested, letting users keep on sending the disparity with the finest engagement outcomes.


Send an SMTP server that can be fit with CMS, CRM, and additional systems, and made use of for sending messages from any online project characterizes Pulse. One can send out mailings from ant dedicated IP address, for avoiding blacklisting as a result of the acts of additional companies, and SPF and DKIM signatures are usable for identifying emails as ones that a legitimate company has sent. They’ve been devised for making message delivery better by lessening the number of mails that are marked to be spam.


15,000 emails for free each month

Key Features of SendPulse and their benefits

There are a lot of key features that will mesmerize you and here some of the features of the system have been enlisted below for your aid,

  • Email personalization
  • A/B testing
  • Automated sending
  • Mailing list statistics
  • Drag-n-drop editor
  • Email templates
  • Email scheduler
  • Segmentation
  • Campaign reports
  • Substitutable text fields
  • Custom subscription forms
  • Customizable branding
  • DKIM signatures
  • SPF signatures
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Delivery slip-up reports
  • Sending reports
  • Push notifications
  • Unsubscribe list
  • Trigger messages
  • Personalized notifications
  • Bulk messages

API incorporation with CMS, CRM, ecommerce, and additional systems allow users send mailings, monitor campaign info and incorporate mailings into additional systems.

In excess of a hundred layout templates are incorporated and the drag-n-drop editor that is incorporated lets users generate their individual email templates.

Set up substitutable text fields inside an email for personalizing an email with recipient particulars.

Send mails mechanically on the basis of precise triggers, among which are newsletter subscriptions, link clicks, unopened messages, birthdays, and all that.

A/B testing allows for the comparison of how effective the several versions of subjects of messages or the body text are

The incorporation of DKIM & SPF signatures for improving rates of message delivery, and reducing messages marked to be spam.

Numerous individuals and companies have used SendPulse and they have pointed out to how they’ve benefited by using it. Below we discuss the pros of Sendpulse based on what some of them have said.



Web push is complimentary and can be implemented easily. Web push operates collectively with email.

First-rate Support – some organizations that had questions while using the service didn’t require waiting for an email response and simply gave them a call. This prompted the whole process. Generally they were extremely pleased with the amount of support.

Open rate level – A hotel that makes use of SendPulse for weekly newsletters have reported it gives them very lofty open rate results. And this hotel is just one of the many businesses that point out to this.



Email Service

  • Monthly subscription plans
    • FREE plan is 0.0 USD / mo (2 500 subscribers, 15 000 messages)
    • Paid plans start from 9.85 USD / mo (2500 subscribers) and go up to 840 USD / mo (500 000 subscribers).
  • Pay-as-you-go plans start from 32 USD / 10 000 messages and go up to 812 USD / 500 000 messages.
  • VIP plan for anything beyond.

SMTP Service

  • First 12 000 emails are FREE.
  • Monthly subscription plans start from 8.85 USD / mo (25 000 messages) and go up to 274.85 USD / mo (500 000 messages).
  • Pay-as-you-go plans start from 15 USD / 10 000 messages and go up to 780 USD / 1 000 000 messages.


15,000 emails for free each month


Sendpulse offers several services, which are:

Email Marketing – This service lets you generate and send a HTML email. You can either use the simple drag & drop editor or pick from numerous existing templates.


The drag & drop editor is simple to find out about and make use of and you do not require any unique skills for using it. Even a novice who has just thought of launching email marketing is able to learn the way of using it.

What the editor does is provide a user with some blocks that any template could contain. For making the block show in your email all you must do is make a click on it before dragging it where you need to.

A thing to note is that every email that you create with the template builder is responsive. Thus, they appear fine at all screen resolutions.

SMTP Server – SMTP’s is made use of for sending transactional and promotional email messages using any of the tools / applications you’ve. Draw on the capability of fully integrating the SMTP server of Send pulse into your CRM, CMS, / additional system. Having done that, start sending-mails to your clients from your personal online system.


Web Push – The service allows you to instantly get to your several users while they’re using their devices by the use of updates. You can make use of web push notifications for driving visitors back to the website of yours.


SMS – You have the option of sending SMS messages to the users with instant discounts, confirmations and offers
The service lets you send both individual and bulk SMS. Computerized SMS mailing inventories operate at a rate of between 200 and 500 SMS/second and delivers to above 800 networks in above 200 nations worldwide.


API – The API interface of Sendpulse is made use of for integrating its distribution service competence with the personal ventures of a client. The API’s devised for developers and comes with comprehensive documentation.

REST API of SendPulse operates over “HTTP protocol” and is basically some techniques that are made use of for performing requests and receiving responses for all operations.

What makes Sendpulse a great option among the several options available?

Generally, when opting for an advertising mechanization platform, it’s vital to do an honest appraisal of your internal resources. The one that you opt for depends on whether you’ve a refined and vibrant promotional side with a greater budget or a lesser-sized corporation that is attempting to scale with a not so developed marketing side. No matter what your state of affairs you must never disregard marketing automation. It’s vital and accessible for companies of every size and advertising ability.

So what are a few of the greatest concerns and obstacles for promoters and organizations trying to find an advertising computerization platform? Promotional automation could be costly and there’re several options, and a number of such automation tools are the solution to a single automation requirement, an example being email marketing while not having an “all-in-one” answer.

SendPulse scores over its competitors as far as price and user friendliness is concerned. It also offers excellent customer Support and functionality and features.

Why would you need to choose SendPulse?

There are in excess of 320,000 registered users of SendPulse as it offers the utmost delivery rates globally, steadfast high-speed service, and as it presents diverse forms of mailings via s lone platform.

The email & webpush follow up messages of SendPulse has already boosted open rates up by over 30 percent for numerous of its users

Forthcoming releases are going to consist of the below points,

  • Computerized email personalization
  • Message timing optimization and delivery preference optimization
  • Conversion step up by the use of optimization of subject & content

First-rate deliverability and very speedy – Your newsletters don’t have any limits with SendPulse. Your technical aspect of mailings is taken care of and lets you concentrate on communicating with the clients.

Cellular phone platform support – About 50% of every recipient views emails on cellular phone gadget and that is the reason for which every email fashioned with the aid of the templates of send response are receptive and appears just as good on tablets, smartphones, and also on wide screens.

SendPulse presents a cell phone application where you’ve the option of creating emails with templates, scheduling emails, and viewing reports.

Automation – By the use of a lone platform you’re able to send SMS, emails, & webpush notices. You’re free to fashion hybrid chain of communications that target your clients and that are going to cover every delivery channel, and boost your CTR conversions.

Sendpulse’s subscription form, scheduler, & incorporation with 3rd party systems will facilitate working with the customer base of yours and add to the overall success of your email promotional drive.
The Resend to unopened feature is going to boost up the open rate from 30 to 80% based on the business. It functions surprisingly successfully, as several organizations what’ve used SendPulse has couched for.

Analytics – You’re going to have access to comprehensive reports on the mailings of yours – how many emails have been opened and how many links have been clicked, which are the links that your clients make use of for conversion, and the location of your clients.

15,000 emails for free each month

So how can SendPulse help you?

From all the things mentioned above Sendpulse is a prompt, resourceful speedier file transmit system that is devised specially for the Production society. You can make use of Sendpulse for securely sending content to everyplace all across the world, from everyplace, speedily. And the great thing that it is very easy to make use of. You have no need for installing any complex servers. All that you have to do is get sign yourself up, set up and you are all set to start sending.



By the Sendpulse review, you have the option of monitoring and downloading transfer from everywhere by the use of the protected Sendpulse online application. The online app is optimized to function on desktop as well as cell phone devices. Monitoring of “Sendpulse infrastructure is round the clock” and has en suite redundancy for providing 99.999% uptime. If you’ve any problems just given the customer of support of Sendpulse and you are certain to get the support you need.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait any more and get Sendpulse now.

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