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How to Shop Designer Bridal Lehengas this Year 2017

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Well, that’s not easy at all. Shopping for wedding should always be a well panned task to get the best outcomes. And if you are a bride, you just need to focus on yourself and your bridal outfit. Lehenga is one thing but bridal lehenga is massive. You just can’t do it like your casual shopping. Catch up with this post (exclusively for brides-to-be) to find out some amazing fashion tips for bridal lehenga shopping and follow these quick steps to become the most gorgeous bride of the season. There you

If you are getting married just to slip in that gorgeous wedding outfit, you are a true rock star. After all, women love to give their best shot at every point of time and when it’s supposedly a big day of their lives, no one can stop them. Don’t stop your irresistible urge of being the most beautiful and desired bride of the season. Let’s unfold these sassiest shopping tips to get the most desired and magnificent bridal lehenga of the time and slip into it to cast everlasting spell in an instant. What about online shopping??? It’s going to give you all the below mentioned points. Hurry!!!

#1: Fabric is the key to Success

You just can’t start shopping without this.


And when it is about bridal attire, the fabric of the garment is what can do wonders to your complete ensemble and bring you into the spotlight of the main event. Make sure that you pick fabric depending on the season and the theme of the wedding. It should also sync with your individual personality and fashion statement to get the desired appeal. Materials like silk, velvet, brocade are forever best to accentuate the complete look instantly.


#2: Don’t Ditch the Hue

If the point is to blow everyone, the color of the outfit can make your wish come true. It’s important to choose the hue of the bridal lehenga wisely to make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Also, the shade should be trendy and fashionable to look like fashionista and the most gorgeous bride ever. We all love red but it’s nowhere written that you will only look beautiful if you wear red on your wedding day. What say!?

#3: High Waist – Taller You

Yes, you heard it right. That’s the way how it works. If you are blessed with longer torso, you are a happy bride. But if not, you can be a happy bride by just placing your lehenga an inch above from the regular position and pair it with short, slinky blouse to get the desired height in a snap. The high waist lehenga will give you taller illusion and dazzling overall personality. Make that happen!!!


#4: Weight & Work Has No Relation

Yes, they really have nothing to do with each other. The beautiful work and light weight can travel together without being awkward. If you want to stay both fashionable and comfortable at the same time, make sure to pick lehenga wisely and ensure that it doesn’t weight more than your own torso. This is the major goal of any fashion expert – to never compromise with their comfort while making an effort to look gorgeous.

#5: Major Focus on Swirl

Do I even need to mention this point???

Every girl put focus on this while shopping for lehenga. But it’s not any ordinary day. It’s your wedding day. Your swirl needs to be huge and extra ordinary. Actually, swirl is what decides the overall appeal of any lehenga and woman as well. So, you have no option to compromise with it. Get ready to buy your most special attire and keep the swirl high to call it vogue.

#6: Quirky Blouse can do Wonders

This is something which can alter the whole game.

If lehenga is too simple and you crave to be quirky, blouse can be your playing ground to make your wish come true. Work on the neck design and sleeve pattern of your wedding blouse and make it exceptionally eye-catching to be your dream bride. Isn’t the great way to pitch up the complete appeal of your bridal lehenga in seconds???


#7: Contrast is New Fashion

Don’t want to look too subtle???

Play the contrast game. Pick hues from different color palettes and paint them all on your beautiful torso to hold a gaze in a jiff. Gone are the days when being in a typical red colored bridal lehenga was called fashion. It’s time when you go for ‘out of the box’ shades and make them perfectly work for your individual personality.

#8: Go for Comfortable Fit

You know what I mean.

Comfort is the prime key to fall in the league of fashion experts. If you compromise with it, you will never make it to the desired level. Stay comfortable, relaxed, happy and full of life. This will add extra colors to your overall personality and bring you all the accolades you always dream of.

#9: Make Statement with Best Choice of Dupatta

This shopping tip doesn’t need much of explanation as we all know how dupatta is known to be the savior of any attire. Also vice-versa!!! Be focused and completely sure while picking a dupatta for your bridal lehenga as it is going to be the main highlight of your complete ensemble.

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