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Small Business Idea: Start A Wholefoods Store

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The concept of starting a small grocery store business is not very new. It’s been around for ages and has proven success. But, if you want to take things up another level, why not start a wholefoods store?

Wholefoods are foods that have barely been refined. Basically, they’re fresh foods for people to buy. Starting a store focused on this is a great idea, and here are some tips for you:

Invest In Desirable Retail Space

The problem most business owners have is finding the ideal location for their company. When you operate out of an office, then you’re gifted with the freedom to find any place, anywhere. With many office-based companies, you’ll never have to invite clients to your premises, meaning it doesn’t matter where they are. As such, you can save money and buy a cheap place in a cheap location. With a wholefoods store, you’re reliant on people coming through your doors and spending their money. Consequently, you need somewhere in a good location. My advice is to bite the bullet and invest in desirable retail space. Pay more than you’d like if it means you get a prime location. The chances are you’ll see more customers thanks to your location, meaning you’ll make more money. Take a financial hit in the beginning, and reap the rewards in the future.



Find All The Necessary Equipment

Any small business you start will require you to purchase some essential equipment that helps with operations. A wholefoods store is no different, there are many things you’ll have to get your hands on. From things like crates & storage boxes to a produce scale; there’s a pretty long list. You’ve even got to think about shelves to put all your products on too, I doubt the retail space already comes with fitted shelves! Then, there’s some of the more technical equipment like a point of sale and barcode scanners. These days, you might be able to operate with a very small POS that consists of just a mobile device. No matter what, write lists of every tiny thing you’ll need to put in your store before it opens to the public.


Create A USP

The unique thing about a wholefoods store is that you already have something of a USP. What sets you apart from the other grocery stores and supermarkets is that you only sell wholefoods. This makes you a healthier option, and people are more inclined to choose you because it’s better for their health. With that being said, you should still create a USP that sets you ahead of the chasing pack. Think about unique things your business can offer that others don’t. What about a salad bar buffet for people to help themselves too and buy a fresh bowl of salad to eat on the go? Or, take away foods in general, have a station where people can order hot foods to take away. Of course, you can come up with any idea that you think will work and make your store more desirable than all the others.


Give this business idea a go as it taps into the healthy lifestyle market which is always booming and full of paying customers!

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