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Small Place Living: Quick Home Improvement Tips

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When you want to improve your home, you might feel helpless when you’ve got a little place — there’s only so much you can do! However, you shouldn’t let appearances fool you. All you need to do is open your mind and be a little creative. There are a lot of ways to play with your small apartment or your fabulous new granny flat. If you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll be expanding your place like a pro (no need to spend extra for a home designer, that’s for sure!). Before you know it, you’ll be standing in the middle of the room that looks much bigger, and much prettier than it used to be.

#1. Repaint Your Walls:

For an easy and quick option, repaint just one side for a bodacious accent wall. You can also opt to wallpaper the wall with a fun pattern, but avoid small patterns because this will visually clutter your walls. Vertical lines are a smart choice, as it will lead the eyes upward, giving the illusion of higher walls. On the other hand, if you’ve a got dark-colored room, repaint it with white or cream to let the light shade expand your room.


#2. Shazzy Up Your Doors:

Sliding doors will free up a lot of space in your room. You can choose to reclaim an old barn door, buy one, or install one yourself. If you wish to get creative, paint the door white and use it as your canvas to turn it into a work of art. This move can increase the value of your apartment.



#3. Transparent Dividers:

When you’re living in a small space, walls can be very constricting. Transforming your small home into a loft-inspired space can give you more room. But of course, you’d need dividers so you don’t have to eat where you work. To do this, see-through dividers are a must. This will keep the room from looking cut-up into small parts.


#4. Let that Backsplashes Pop:

Repurpose your walls with a brand new kitchen backsplash that is contrasting to your floor colour. This will update and refresh your kitchen’s look without consuming too much time. Then use a pegboard to hang your utensils.


#5. Open Up:

You can remove the cabinet doors of your kitchen cupboards or cabinets to give visual depth to a small kitchen. This will make the room appear taller. To add more design, you can paint the frames of the open cabinets and line the insides with wallpaper.


#6. Let There Be Light

Always rethink your room’s lighting system. Install a wall sconce or two can make a big difference. Lighting the walls will enlarge the room. You can also install lamp dimmers on table lamps to help control brightness and and give your room ambient lighting. Hence, you can adjust your room’s lighting to your mood anytime. On the other hand, you can also widen your room by using see-through curtains for your windows.


#7. Breakfast Counters:

A dining table can eat up so much space. What you can do is place a breakfast counter or a shelf-like table near a window. This will give you a small cozy breakfast bar with the perfect lighting scheme and a pretty great view!


You don’t need to make giant leaps to make a great difference in your small home. Just remember that maximising your home to its full potential begins with a small step. These easy tips and tricks are easy enough to get you started in your little slice of paradise.

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