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Is Snoring Harmful for your Overall Well-Being?

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Many people look down on people who snore. There is a lot of judgement, a lot of distaste, and a lot of general animosity. While it can be argued that it is not the fault of the person who snores, it does beg the question if the person snores because they are unfit or unwell.

A lot of people are of the belief that people, who snore, are not people who are the picture of health. A common stereotype of this would be an overweight man who drinks too much beer, or an obese old lady. However, people who may look to be very fit, may also snore. This is due to a variety of things.

Lifestyle – A Cause for Snoring

If you snore regularly, to the point where your friends and family are complaining about it, you might want to re-assess your lifestyle. Snoring can be caused by drinking or popping pills. So if you party too much, or take anti-depressants, sleeping pills, or even too much cough medication, this might be the cause of your snoring.


Why do people Snore?

Snoring is usually a result of some obstruction in your nose or your throat. This might just be due to genetic deformities, or other issues. Enlarged tonsils or irritation along the trachea due to smoking may lead to snoring too.


Sleep Apnea

Though most snoring can be due to mild health disorders, some of it might be due to graver causes –such as sleep apnea. If a person suffers from sleep apnea, they are prone to snoring very loudly, caused by intermittent quiet spells of heavy breathing. This usually happens when people are sleeping on their back (lying face up on the bed), or if their throat is blocked. They may snore in their sleep due to this condition and may even wake themselves up by doing so. People who suffer from sleep apnea suffer from terrible and interrupted sleep.

Snoring is harmful

Thus, it can be safely said that snoring is probably harmful to one’s overall well-being. This is the reason why a lot of people have come up with devices and technologies to combat snoring. This is a practice that has been prevalent in the world from olden days when the Australian aboriginal tribes used to use a device called the didgeridoo to ward off evil snores.

Dangers of Snoring

People who snore should seriously consider using these devices or technologies. Even if the snoring is not caused by decreased health factors, and simply by genetic deformities, snoring can still cause addition health problems. It is honestly one of the most overlooked health hazards!

A very common problem can be increased blood pressure. Snoring may also increase the risk of a heart disease, cause a stroke, and even diabetes!

Treatment for Snoring

Today there are swanky devices and medication that provide treatment for snoring. This is quite a booming market, so much so, that there seem to be about 2000 patents registered in the European Patent Office alone in the anti-snoring devices category.

To be on the safe side, people prone to snoring should definitely seek remedies or treatments. A variety is available to them such as CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), oral appliance like anti-snoring sprays or even surgery.

Snoring is one the risk factors of the world. And a major one at that, considering at least 45% of the population snores. However, it can be easily remedied if one wants, and one should always remember that.

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