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Speed Bumps Best Made with Asphalt

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Speed bumps are a necessity in this modern age, and although people don’t pay too much attention to the “sleeping policeman”, they are very common in urban areas. The role of a speed bump is to prevent vehicles from travelling at excessive speeds, and they are usually found in residential areas, industrial parks, and near schools.

#1: It’s all about the Angle

A speed bump must be carefully designed to avoid being too tall, or too sharp an angle, which can damage vehicles. The correct shape will allow the drivers to pass safely without causing too much inconvenience. The height of the bump is critical, and also the depth, the wider the bump, the less effect it will have on traversing vehicles. One must focus on the objective, which is to safely slow traffic, with the minimum of inconvenience to motorists.


#2: Speed Bump Materials

There are several materials used to make speed bumps, and the most popular is asphalt, as the substance is durable and hard-wearing, and can be easily formed. Concrete is widely used, although it is more difficult to retain the desired shape. Asphalt is the ideal material for speed bumps in Western Australia, and apart from being easy to work with, asphalt is easy to form to the required shape.


#3: The Speed Bump Location

This needs careful consideration, with many variables to consider, but if there is a pedestrian crossing point, a speed bump would typically be placed just before the crossing, ensuring that all traffic will be moving slowly at that point. The stretch of road might require a series of bumps, and in that case, the distance apart is another important consideration.


#4: Visibility

Speed bumps can be hazardous for motorcyclists and cyclists, especially if they are not clearly marked, and cars can suffer damage at higher speeds. Therefore, it is recommended that a very bright color (yellow or white) is used with alternating black sections, as this is highly visible. Fluorescent colors are sometimes used to highlight the bump, with reflectors placed on either side to aid night time visibility.

#5: Specialized service

Creating and installing speed bumps is not something for an amateur to undertake, and if someone in Western Australia wanted asphalt speed bumps installed, Protec Asphalt are an established company with many years’ experience in designing and installing traffic calming devices. They are able to help with the initial consultation process, as it is vital to inform all affected people of the intention to install speed bumps. The location is something that also requires discussion, and let’s not forget the emergency services, who would have to be informed of the proposed location. Perth asphalt speed bump suppliers ensure that nothing is overlooked, and all are in agreement to the design and location of the bumps.


Asphalt bumps are not expensive, and by using a professional service, they can help to regulate traffic and increase road safety. It is advisable to make contact with the speed bump supplier as soon as possible, as they are very experienced at the planning and preparation stages, which are vital if the project is to be successful.

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