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4 Secret Sports That Offer Fitness and Sociability

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Getting fit doesn’t have to be boring or lonely. When you go running by yourself, it’s a solitary experience. And doing activity in the gym is pretty much the same. But there are some sports that help you to get fit and offer sociability too.


In many ways, basketball is the ultimate team game. You either run or pass the ball to another player. And you can’t run unless you’re dribbling the ball either. This is what makes the sport different to something like rugby. That means, at the amateur level at least, basketball really is about the team. Yes, there is room for individual talent, but it’s never as important as the team. That means that you can build strong bonds and make new friends when you play in a basketball team. The bond between players can be really strong because every player has to be able to rely on all the rest. It’s also a fast-moving game, making it perfect for getting fit.



There is so much walking involved in golf. So, if you want to get fit without doing exhausting exercise, this could be the one for you. You won’t get out of breath. But the steady and consistent walking involved in playing the sport will help improve your fitness levels. You can use a Fairway First Golf to make sure that you don’t miss the holes by too much. But, then again, when you hit the ball off course, you have to go and find it. And that gives you the chance to get more exercise. Golf is a really social sport too. Many people play it with friends and spend the day talking to each other between holes.




Tennis is a sport that requires more movement than many people realize. If you’ve never played the sport before, it can often look like a sport where people hit the ball to one another. But when you actually get out on the court and play the game, you realize how much energy you have to exert. Getting from one side of the court to another in a short space of time is very challenging. It’s all about building up your fitness levels so that you can move across the court quickly and repeatedly. You also get to meet lots of new people because every game requires either two or four players.



Cricket can be leisurely in many ways. That’s not to say that there is no exercise involved though. When you’re batting, you have to be able to make runs in order to rack up points and win the game. If you have the power to hit the ball far, this is less important. But when you’re fielding, you have to be able to chase the ball no matter how far it goes. And the social side of the sport is truly fantastic. Because the game is played in summer, the whole day can be spent with another group of people. You get to know them well and enjoy the summer weather. And there are always team get-to-gathers when the game is over.


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