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Delivering products to your customer has become a huge area of business, now that most companies use online stores. It is really important to get it right. In fact, if it goes wrong it can really screw up the potential of them re-ordering from you. So, how can you make sure that your deliveries there on time, every time? Read on to find out.

Minimize delays

The first thing that you need to do to ensure that your deliveries get there on time every time is to minimize any delays.  This is a two-pronged process.

The first part is that you need to have a great stock management system, so you don’t end up promising a product when you don’t have it. Some companies choose to use a tool like the Datalogic Barcode Scanner to do this.


In fact, digital stock tracking can even allow you to record how many of each item is left on your web page. So keeping the customer informed from the very moment they buy, as to when they can expect their delivery.


Keep track

Another aspect of good delivery is using a service that allows the customer to track the parcel that is being sent to them. This is usually provided by some of the bigger independent delivery companies.

They give a tracking number to you, which you then pass on to the customer. Then they check when the parcel was picked up from you, and how close it is to delivery.

Which is particularly useful because then the customer isn’t wasting your time chasing up their parcel. As well as it giving them the chance to plan their lives around the delivery, so they won’t miss it.


Use a service that allows for changes

Talking of missed deliveries, if you have ever had the experience, you will know how irritating and frustrating it can be. Especially If you have been waiting for a long time for your item. That is why is a great idea to invest in a service that allows for changes to the delivery in real time.

This might be in the form of a text or email sent to the client that allows them to re-arrange the timing of delivery; if they know that they won’t be in. Services like these can really help improve your customer satisfaction rating and keep that business relationship positive.

Include safe space option

Whether it’s you that is delivering the item directly, or if you are using another provider to do this, it’s a good idea to ensure that the customer has the option of selecting a safe space in which good can be left.

Remember, many people work full time and are out all day, and they certainly don’t want to have to take a day off work every time they need something delivered. So choosing for it to be placed in the garden or shed can keep the package safe without them needing to be there.


Of course, it is important that there is a contract in place with the customer about this before it happens. So they realize that you as a company, cannot be held accountable for the risk of doing this.

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