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Standardized Food Lab That Carry Necessary Accreditation Are Reliable

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Applying stringent quality control measures has led every accredited Food Lab to employ only the best technology, as well as personnel for it’s use. A laboratory that has accreditation of the NABL will ensure you of the quality of testing and calibration that it performs. It also helps in bringing about uniformity in the testing process across the country that is in keeping with the widely accepted international standards. Having your food products tested by such a quality laboratory will eliminate the possibilities of your goods to undergo any kind of retesting for domestic or international consumption.

Setting the Standard

In keeping with the Bureau of Indian Standards, Water Testing Laboratories of premier grade take care to follow the strict guidelines. The food licensing process requires that you submit a water testing report of the sample that you will be making use of in the food business. The IS 10500:2012 is the standard that is prescribed by the BIS in this regard that only the leading laboratories of repute are capableofcatering to. According to the FSSAI guidelines, the water used has to be tested for the physical, chemical and the microbiological parameters. Also, the stipulations mention that you need to obtain the testing report from an FSSAI recognized, and NABL accredited laboratory.

The Accredited Labs

Such detailed sample reporting can be conducted only by laboratories who have the necessary state-of-the-art infrastructure for the purpose. As the stipulations not only ask for test reports, but also people who conduct these tests must be certified. Immaterial of the nature of your food processing business, these laboratories will carry out water testing that you will either need to procure a new license or convert the old license. There are several leading laboratories who have been working with the hospitality sector and have the necessary expertise in furnishing the appropriate reports that you will need.


The Testing Standards

The Water Testing section also covers the drinking water areas, both free as well as packaged. In the case of Packaged Drinking Water and the Packaged Natural Mineral Water, the IS 14543 and the IS 15485 standards are to be abided by while testing them. Laboratories that have the necessary infrastructure carry out such tests along with the Borewell Water Testing IS 10500 and the Borewell Water Testing as per WHO, EPA, and the EC. Most of these able laboratories willhavehigh ranking in the country having a host of accreditations in the field of water testing.

Food and Water Testing

Industrial sectors often have to engage in particle count and size distribution that are helpful in planning water purification systems and setting up treatment plans. The optical microscopic and light scanning methods are standards that the international bodies follow. Such high technique standard testing procedures are also followed at some of the top laboratories in the country having the necessary staff as well as the equipment. Both food and water testing are usually carried out at the same Food Lab that carries the necessary accreditation, as they two go hand in hand.

Maintaining International Standards

These food testing laboratories carry out the analysis of both food as well as agricultural produces under controlled conditions that furnish the necessary results. The tests of food products are carried out at the quality laboratories according to national FSSAI, BIS, EIC/EIA, and APEDA as well as EU standards. The services are providedfor both the private food manufacturer as well as all government agents to monitor the level of any banned colorants or drugs in the produce.

The Experienced Hands

The range of tests also envelope the proximate analysis and the nutritional labeling of the consumables case of doubt or litigation too. This way these laboratories help in keeping adulteration and contamination in check. High-grade microbiological analysis and detection of pathogens while identifying their right species requires the hands of experts with requisite experience. A top rated national food and water testing laboratory will ensure that they have a strong contingent of such experts working for them.

The Crucial Check

With the centralized regulation of packaged food products and their stringent labeling systems, it is necessary to comply with the stipulated standards. Having the necessary reports beforehand from one of these reliable testing labs is especially helpful. Often, time factor in producing the test reports become crucial points both in the case of litigations as well as in businesses. Entrusting the testing procedures to a rated laboratory with the necessary accreditation will ensure that you have the right report at the right time.

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