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How To Start A Courier Business: 3 Tips!

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Ask anyone how they’ll do their shopping, and the majority of people will say they do it online. With the rise in online shopping, comes a rise in courier businesses. All of these online shops need companies to distribute and deliver their goods. So, we’re seeing loads of new courier companies pop up all over the country.

In this piece, I’ll give you some top tips to help you ride the trend and start your own courier business.

Choose Your Fleet

To start a courier company, there’s one main thing you’ll need; a vehicle. Ideally, you’ll need an entire fleet of vehicles so you can travel up and down the country delivering packages. Traditionally, most courier services buy a fleet of vans. They vary in size and provide the perfect solution to your needs. You have enough space in the back of a van to store lots of items. This means you can make multiple deliveries throughout the day. So, ensure that you find a fleet of delivery vehicles and some drivers too!



Find A Base

All courier companies have a base of operations somewhere. This is where they’ll deal with all the orders that get, and load up the vans, etc. Typically, you should look for a warehouse somewhere. Warehouses give you lots of storage space to keep any goods and items that need delivering. Normally, when you sign contracts with companies, they’ll bring lots of their goods to your warehouse. They unload them there, and you deliver them when orders come in. So, you need a big place and a team of workers willing to man the fort and take care of it. Care is vital when dealing with a large warehouse. It’s important that you heat your warehouse, as they can become very cold. Extreme levels of coldness could damage some items that are stored there. Plus, it makes your employees uncomfortable if they’re standing in the cold all day. Once you’ve found the perfect base, you’re ready to start making deliveries.


Get Some Contracts

Obviously, to make money, you need to be delivering things. And, the only way you’ll do this is with some courier contracts. For me, the best way to get these is by contacting online businesses. As mentioned at the start, they need courier services. So, your company should be in high demand. By getting some contracts, you’ll have a constant supply of things to deliver. This means you’ll be raking the money in, and running a successful business.

The main struggle with running a courier company is that there are lots of expenses. Think about it, you have to buy a fleet of vehicles, and pay for the running costs. This includes petrol, maintenance, etc. Plus, you have to rent a warehouse, which costs money too. So, my top tip is to ensure you save money wherever you can. Keep the expenses as low as possible and, also, find lots of contracts. Try and take on as much work as you can, and you’ll make more than enough to negate the high expenses. As I said, courier companies are in high demand right now. So, it makes sense to try and ride the wave while it’s here!

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