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Should You Start Taking Supplements In The Gym?

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Supplementation is a big talking point for many gym-goers. Most people in the gym will take some sort of supplement. It could be a protein shake, or something more complex. A lot of the die-hard fitness freaks will have massive supplement stacks and swear by everything they take. The main question every newbie asks is whether or not they should take supps in the gym. Do you need supplements to see better gains? In this piece, I’ll talk more about this topic and cover some of the arguments for and against supplementation.

Supplements Lead To Better Results

First, we start off with the biggest argument for supplementation. Many people claim they lead to better results and have scientific research to back it up. They point to research on the effects of protein and muscle growth, so take protein powder. They see studies on creatine and how it can improve gains, so take that too. The truth is, a lot of the supplements out there can help you and your body. These studies are real, and the research is there to be seen. However, you’ll only see the benefits if you have a proper exercise regime and supplement correctly. Drinking five protein shakes a day while doing no physical activity will do nothing for you. You must put in the hard work alongside supplementation, don’t rely on it. Also, do your research and see which things are the most beneficial. The two I mentioned are probably the best to help boost muscle gain, but there are things like pre-workout powder that aren’t necessary. Also, you must ensure you know what’s in your supps, and how to take them properly.


Supplements Lead To Health Problems Like ED

This is a massive argument from people that oppose supplementation. They argue that some things can have side effects that lead to numerous health problems. Often, they claim heavy supplementation can lead to erectile dysfunction. However, this isn’t true. Look at any info on the prevention of erectile dysfunction and it won’t say avoid supplements. Do you know why? Because a supplement is something our bodies already produce. We’re simply helping it produce more to benefit our gains. They aren’t drugs and they aren’t illegal. Taking supps won’t cause poor health issues, if anything, it can improve your health.



Should You Take Supplements?

So, let’s round this debate off with a question, should you take supplements? The answer to this varies depending on who you are. If you’re just starting out, then supplements can help you, but in moderation. The more experienced you get, the more supplements are going to benefit you. Likewise, if you’re obese, then taking supps isn’t going to help you in the slightest. Get rid of that body fat and then you can start supplementing.

I hope you found this article helpful and it’s informed you on the topic. There’s nothing dangerous about natural supplementation. However, always check the label of whatever you’re buying and putting into your body. And, go online and research how to take properly the stuff too.

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