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Steps to do Before Moving into the New Home Checklist

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You’d think that the troubles with moving into a new home end with signing the legal documents, but you’d be wrong. Unfortunately, the headaches don’t end here. What is fortunate though, is outlined in the fact that all the future troubles can easily be avoided by simply making sure that you cover these guidelines that we’ve outlined for your convenience. Follow this guide thoroughly with steps on moving into a new house checklist and make sure to think about other basics that might turn out problem-causing and you’re looking at a happy start with a brand new home!

Notify about the Change in Your Location.

Although it can turn out to be quite an inconvenience, having your mail being forwarded to your new address by the current tenants of your old home isn’t the only thing that might cause issues. Many other legal and technical troubles may arise from this oversight, so make sure that, in addition to notifying your post office of your new address, you notify the business and government bodies in accordance. Naturally, things such as magazine and other subscriptions and electoral rolls should also benefit from this important update.


Connecting Your Energy

When it comes to updating your energy status, the potential displeasures are mostly money-related. However, this is not to say that these troubles are irrelevant, on the contrary. If you don’t update your status with your power company, you’re taking a risk that you may end up paying for the previous owner’s power bill, unnecessarily ending up having to cough up cash. The situation may also turn the other way around, where the new owners of your previous home end up paying for your power bills, which can lead to further problems and even legal troubles – you don’t usually really know the people you’re doing business with. As is the case with the post office and legal and business bodies, the process of disconnecting the energy in the previous owner’s name and connecting it to your name is simple, to say the very least. Ring up your power company and share your new details with them – simple as that!


Proper Cleaning

The fact of the matter is – even if you’re pretty certain that you’ve got the previous owners pegged good, chances are you might be wrong. Although they may look perfectly normal on paper, they might turn out quite filthy and you can never tell when a house used to be a pigsty, especially if the previous owners have taken proper steps in trying to literally sweep the dirt under the rug. Even though you might be perfectly able to do the clean-up on your own, it is always advised to go with professional help. As people at rubbish removal Sydney suggest, hiring professionals to do the cleaning for you, although it might be a bit more expensive than doing it on your own, means making more than thorough steps in order to avoid potential complications, such as bacteria, bug infestations, mold, even rats and various other disease carrying creatures.


Change the Locks

This one goes without saying – as we stated earlier, you never know what kind of people the previous owners were, so keeping safe and getting a brand new set of locks is a thing hugely advised. Naturally, we recommend installing locks of topmost quality – even if you have to go a bit out of your pocket, you are simply making sure that your personal items, as well as your loved ones, remain as safe as they possibly can be.

Moving into a new house is a complicated experience and it might take some getting used to. However, before you actually move in, you need to think about covering the mentioned basics at the very least – trust us, it will save you a ton of trouble.

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