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Surgery Gone Wrong? Here’s How The Law Protects You

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Surgery Gone Wrong? Here’s How The Law Protects You:  Medical Law is a complex beast, that possesses many facets. And with the rising number of people opting for cosmetic, internal and beauty surgery, these laws are being put to the test.

The fact of the matter is, most surgical procedures aren’t straightforward tasks. Complications can arise, and that can lead to the surgery going wrong, no matter what the patient wants. This happens often, but luckily, certain systems exist to protect those who fall victim to this medical malpractice.

You are Entitled to Confidentiality

This means that if you go under the knife, nobody has to know. The doctors and surgeons who performed the procedure are sworn to secrecy, and you never have to tell a soul. So, if your procedure goes wrong and the results aren’t as you desired, this fact will never escape the room.


If it does, you’re able to take legal action. For example, if your story of a plastic surgery gone wrong is used to publicize the hospital, you could file a plastic surgery lawsuit.

If you aren’t bothered about confidentiality and want to take legal action anyway, then this is your choice.


You are Entitled to take Legal Action

Surgery is a promise – a promise of success. Ultimately, if the procedure doesn’t live up the standards that you thought it might, then it’s your right to take matters further. This is known as medical malpractice, and it’s an extremely common problem among medical institutions.

When you first sit down with your doctor, they will inform you of the risks with the procedure, as well as the benefits. But, just because they tell you the risks, it doesn’t remove responsibility from them. They’re still liable should something go wrong.

For example, one lawsuit that’s becoming more prominent is the blood clot filter lawsuit. This alleges that an IVC filter is defective, which is installed internally. The filter claims to halt blood clots by trapping them before they can reach vital organs. If you are promised that this filter will help you, and it only causes more problems, then you’re entitled to take legal action.

This principle is true no matter the procedure!

You are Entitled to be Informed of the Alternatives

Surgery isn’t foolproof, and complications do arise. When things go wrong, times can seem bleak – but there’s usually another avenue you can take. If your surgery went wrong, you’re entitled to be informed of other possible solutions, along with the risks and rewards.

Most health problems have multiple angles from which they can be attacked, and the general public will not be well-informed on these. As such, it’s up to you to ask, and your doctors to tell. These alternatives are especially vital when it comes to surgeries with the heart, brain, and other major bodily systems.


You are Entitled to Turn Down Help

If your surgery with one particular doctor went wrong, would you want to visit them again? Probably not. If that doctor gave you an unhappy result with your liposuction procedure, would you want them to fix it? No! You’d want to seek alternative help.

And, by law, you are allowed to do so. You aren’t bound to one particular surgeon or establishment. It is up to you to choose your own path and pick the best possible option for your health.

And that just about does it! Ultimately, the law favors you, the patient – and that’s an invaluable asset when it comes to surgical procedures. Remember your rights, and don’t be afraid to press them!

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