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Surprised to know that your Social Media Profile is 2 Years Old?

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A survey conducted by an online services marketplace revealed that people active on social networks do not change their profile pictures and an average of a profile picture can be 2 years. Although many of us would check out our social profiles the moment we get up in the morning and then we would get fresh or go out to work but still the profile picture that we have can be up to 4 years old.

To find out how people present themselves to members of a society, a survey was conducted by Bidvine in which around 2,000 people participated who are active social media users and regularly use online dating sites gave some interesting answers.


The findings led them to some surprising facts and it was revealed that individuals using dating apps such as Grindr and Tinder frequently change their profile picture and that was every 2-3 weeks while Instagram and Facebook users were a bit lazy to change their picture and the result was 5-6 months.


Few dating sites/apps seemed to be least up-to-date in terms of profile pictures, with Plenty of Fish users told that they have not changed their image since 3.2 years and Match.com users on average have not changed their picture since 4 years.

Here we have listed some statistics based on the results that were obtained through different surveys those were conducted to find the last time social media account users changed their profile pictures:

1. Grindr – 2 weeks

2. Tinder – 3 weeks

3. WhatsApp – 2.5 months

4. Facebook – 5 months

5. Instagram – 6 months

6. SnapChat – 8 months

7. Twitter – 1.8 years

8. LinkedIn – 2.1 years

9. Plenty of Fish – 3.2 years

10. Match.com – 4 years

Small but noticeable percentage of 11% admitted that the profile pictures they have on their social profiles are 10 years old.


Participants were also asked, “If you don’t change a profile photo regularly, why do you think this is?” the majority of respondents (62%), stated that they struggled to find pictures they were happy with, while nearly half (49%) admitted that they wanted to appear younger to others looking at their profiles.

The research also found that 1 in 4 people would not want their boss to see their current Facebook profile picture.

Talking about the results Sohrab Jahanbani, CEO of Bidvine.com said,

Looking at the regularity with which people change their profile photos, it appears that older, more conventional dating websites and the networks people use on a regular professional basis, such as LinkedIn and Twitter lag behind, while younger single people are more likely to want to use newer photos.

It appears that people don’t change their photos because they struggle to find photos of themselves they like. So with this in mind, Bidvine is setting up pop-up photo booths offering free professional photography for those who want to update their social media profile pictures. As we all know, whether it’s for a wedding, a company headshot or your online profiles, professional photos make a difference. We’ll be announcing cities and dates for the photo booths on our website shortly.

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