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Why Tablets are a Must-Have Device for Consuming Media

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Today’s technology has definitely changed the way people consume media. What was once watched on television or listened to on a radio is now being viewed or listened to on a mobile device. With smart phones being the most popular mobile device on the market, you would think that would be the simplest device to stream shows and movies from, but it’s not. Tablets are really a better device for consuming media for many reasons.

Benefits of Tablets

Some of the advantages of using a tablet are that they are lightweight and have a larger screen than a Smartphone. It’s the perfect device to watch a movie on whether you are taking a lunch break, relaxing on your couch or traveling on an airplane. Also because of its size, watching a movie or TV show on a tablet puts less strain on your eyes. Other advantages of owning a tablet include:

  • Cost-effective: Tablets are less expensive than laptop and desktop computers, which also can be used to stream media. They are also cheaper than separately purchasing a digital camera, MP3-style player and video player since they all come with a good tablet.
  • Versatile: Tablets can be used in a variety of ways from browsing the Internet and checking email to playing video games and listening to music. You can also stream movies and television shows both offline and online through services such as Prime Instant Video and EPIX.
  • Convenient: Since there are so many apps available, your tablet can conveniently be used to read books or even write a report or term paper.
  • Fits most lifestyles: Everyone can use a tablet for whatever reason they need to, this includes students, professionals and young children.
  • Shareable: Whether you are in a meeting at work, a class at school or hanging out with your friends on the weekend, tablets allow users to share their information with others.


A recent report suggests that U.S. mobile device users spend the majority of their time (52 percent) consuming digital medial through mobile applications rather than through desktop usage or mobile web surfing. However, when you combine this with mobile web surfing, that figure increases to 60 percent, while desktop-based consumption accounts for the remaining 40 percent of time.


Using a Tablet to Consume Digital Media

Social media websites and apps have paved the way for consumer-driven content as well as the streaming of almost anything. You can read your favorite magazine or newspaper from your tablet as well as listen to your favorite songs via music streaming services. However, watching movies and television shows ranks high on the list of what consumers do with their tablets.

If you’re wondering why, that’s easy to explain. Tablets that come with robust processors work harder to provide a seamless viewing experience. Snapdragon processors are some of the best mobile processors on the market today. They not only save on power consumption, but they also deliver graphics about 30 percent faster than other processors. So users to experience constant interruptions when they stream their favorite TV show or movie.

Adapting to a Digital World

Traditional forms of media –televisions, movie theaters, radios and newspapers–are adapting to a digital world. With consumers constantly on-the-go, they have become accustomed to having instant access to everything via their tablet or Smartphone. Because of this, users have increased their media consumption as well as the time they spend using a digital device. Using a tablet to consume digital media is not only a growing trend but a cost-effective and logical choice.

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