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Target Your Advertising With Pinpoint Accuracy

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Advertising is a battleground that is fought with wits and guts. You need to be smart, you need to be cunning, and you need to be willing to take risks if you want to stand out. That’s just the reality of what advertising is like. The competition is cutthroat and ruthless, and the audience you are trying to captivate is ruthless. However, with proper targeting, you can aim at your intended audience and make it easy to capture their attention.

Identifying your Audience

First, you have to identify who your audience are. For instance, if you’re a real estate agent that specializes in luxury housing, then you need to make it clear on platforms such as social media and property directories that you specialize in homes for the rich and wealthy. If you advertise the expensive community that you’re selling in, then you’re going to get your target audience. If you advertise expensive housing in slum areas and websites that focus on budget and frugal living, then you’re not going to get anywhere no matter how well thought out your campaign was.


Put yourself in their Shoes

A lot of advertising as to do with understanding what the audience wants. You can’t think of them in terms of your own interest or likes, you have to think about what the people you’re advertising to are thinking of. For instance, if you’re aiming at frugal individuals, then you need to offer them what they love the most: value. If you provide them with irresistible value, then don’t be surprised when they come running to your business to purchase something you offer for a much lower price than the competition. In short, always try to look at your business from the eyes of a consumer and think what they would be interested in.


Decide the Format

There’s still a use for traditional marketing, despite what many people are saying. But choosing the right marketing method is the difficult part that many people don’t seem to get right. For instance, social media marketing is perfect for targeting audiences because you get to pick what type of audience you want your advertisements to appear to. In addition to the actual advertising options you have, you can use social media as a form of free advertisement as well. For instance, as a food business, posting pictures on Twitter of your latest creations and tastiest meals is a sure way to get people talking.


Don’t forget the Competition

No matter what type of business you operate, chances are you’re going to have rivals. Make sure you check their promotional campaigns and social media channels to try and work on what they are doing. If you have the power and reach, you could potentially overwhelm them with an advertising campaign that is similar to theirs. However, if they’ve already reeled in many consumers with a specific strategy, then you want to avoid getting in their way as much as possible because you never want to fight on the same field as them. Corporations have a lot of money and power, meaning you’ll be pushed aside.

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