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How Technology Can Help To Market Your Startup

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So you’ve got a great idea, you’ve set up your company, and you’re underway with production, but how do you grow your business? Well, you need new customers of course. The traditional marketing methods aren’t the only way anymore – modern innovation allows startups to advertise in a way that has never been seen before. It’s about so much more than just running a decent website and having a catchy jingle. Here are four ways that technology could help you market your company.

#1: Create an App

As you’ve probably seen, people don’t really like to put their mobile phones down anymore, so what better way to interact with potential customers than through their phones? Create an app that allows your company to communicate with customers for orders and payment, which allows you to sell your company, and gets across your ethics. If you’ve got a 21st Century startup, you need to show you’re thinking like a 21st Century company.


#2: Use QR Codes in Advertising

If you’re using advertising in magazines or on posters, add a QR code that takes the viewer straight to your website or app on their mobile phone. You only have a limited number of seconds to make a lasting impression on a potential customer, so if they see your poster, they may have completely forgotten it existed within a minute. A QR code allows them to get straight to your website at the point their interest is piqued, so they’re less likely to forget you. Plus it’s completely free to create one.



#3: Use NFC Tags

If QR codes are just so 2014 to you, try going one step further. NFC tags are tiny, battery-less chips and antennae which can be attached to almost anything. Go for posters, beer bottles, bus seats, or even people – you can literally stick them wherever you like. And then, when a mobile phone or smartwatch interacts with it, the possibilities are endless. Use them to direct any potential customers to your web address or app, your product store, or even your business card information.


#4: Social Media

If you’re not using social media like a pro – where on Earth have you been these last few years? For a start-up, social media is absolutely the best way to get your name out there and create a buzz around your products. As a bare minimum, you should be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but SnapChat and any social media more specific to your product are highly recommended as well. Social media is the first place most people are going to hear about you, so active and captivating accounts are the best way to get people intrigued about your products. It also shows a savviness around the business and modern take on your industry. If you’re not on them, get signed up today.


Using technology to market your startup is all about showing potential customers what you’re good at while proving that you’re aware of modern technology and forward thinking. Try some of these techniques out and see the customers flooding in for yourself.

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