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The Best Ways to Place your Furniture in Room

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Did it ever happen that you visited someone’s house and felt the living room could have been decorated better? For me, it happened plenty of times; I’ve been to homes that have nice and upscale living rooms, but their decoration is far from being perfect.

Furniture placement

A key reason for imperfect living room decoration is the placement of furniture. By hiring a professional agency, you can have your living room elegantly designed. But think about the cost before you hire any such agency as they might charge you an arm and a leg.


How about doing it yourself? It won’t be a full-fledged interior decoration because you’d just need to change the furniture setting. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Carrying furniture from one room to another, especially teak storage cabinets and similar other items is difficult.


Your work needs to have a professional touch. Or else, it’d look amateurish, and your guests would criticise your aesthetic acumen instead of praising it. In this article, I’ll lay out some tips, which you could follow to make your living room look attractive and spacious.

Flexible placement

Whichever way you arrange the furniture, make sure the arrangement is flexible. Flexible in this context means the furniture can be repositioned easily in the future. Always allow enough space between two furniture, especially to furniture corners because someone might pass through the gap or stand there.

Drink rest

It’s an affordable yet effective way to help your guests release the wine glass from their hands. It looks like a hollow rectangular box with its bottom part missing. A drink rest has a very simplistic design. You can put it on both edges of the sofa, so guests can comfortably put glasses on them, relax for a few minutes and then pick up the glass again. An ottoman wrap tray is an extended version of a drink rest. The tray is made of reclaimed wood and wraps around a small sofa.

The focal point

Put the television on the focal point. Next, put the sofa facing the television, so sitting there, someone could watch the TV. Other furniture in the room should be angled in a manner that they are all surrounding the sofa and the television. This way, the attention of guests in the room would eventually fall on the same direction.

Work on the corners

Where do you primarily sit? Do you sit on a sofa? Is it a sectional sofa? Oftentimes, homeowners place the sectional couch in the corner, and think they are done. The problem is a corner is where two walls meet each other. Sitting there, your guests might have a feeling of confined.

You should place the sectional couch near the window. This way, whoever would sit on the couch, would be exposed to enough natural light and flow of air. Keep some space between the window and the sectional sofa, where you can put a brightening lamp. Put another couch or sofa creating an L shape with the sectional couch, so guests sitting on that sofa could see the lamp.

Bring a symmetry

Through the correct placement of the furniture, you can bring a symmetry in the room. The conventional furniture arrangement is two furniture facing each other. Such an arrangement is very easy to achieve along with placing the television on a focal point at the end.

This helps the guests to view the television while talking to each other. This particular seating arrangement is useful for reading as well as for working on a laptop.

Window treatment

Do you have a large window? Having such a window lets you enjoy an excellent view of the outside. By matching the color of the window treatment with that of the upholstery and pillow, you can make your living room look more elegant.

Homeowners can spice it up by placing the window treatment and the furniture close to each other, which are same in color. Window treatments such as window blinds, shutters, drapes and curtains don’t play an important role in the decoration of a room. They mostly stay unused. By matching them with the furniture in terms of color, a homeowner can make the home look decorative.

Implement the ideas

The ideas discussed in this article can be of help if you implement them in the right way. So apply them and make the furniture placement of your room more appealing.

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