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The Most Haunted & Creepiest Spots in New Delhi

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Delhi the place of the Sultans, Mughal kings, British rule, and Queen’s rule and in the end the independence of India and this made Delhi the HEART OF INDIA. With the passing time Delhi became a high tech city but still there are some places in Delhi where the secret lays, the secret of the past. Some grave secrets. But to the Delhi lovers the old Delhi is there favourite. As you will walk through the streets of Delhi you will notice remnants of past more over 1300. Starting from tombs, forts, palaces, minors, graveyards etc are present in Delhi and watching them you will feel that these remnants of past are calling you and want to tell all the stories and incidents of past including stories of course, betray, suicide, love and what not! Let’s have a quick look at some of the most haunted spots of the Delhi city.


This is graveyard of those men who were killed in the sepoy mutiny of 1857. It is one of the ancient Christian graveyards of Delhi and the graves are almost of the 16th century period. The cemetery consists of tombs which give a spooky atmosphere even in broad day light. It is said that this burial ground is the resident of many spirits and ghosts but the most dangerous one is the spirit of the British soldier who killed himself by shooting gun on his head in the sorrow of betrayed by his love . The spirit of the soldier is seen roaming around in the graveyard holding his head in his hand and that took on a moon less night.



The mahal situated in a thick forest of acacia with two inhabitants living in with their dead mother. Princess Sakina and her brother Prince Riaz refused to bury their mother’s dead body ten days after her demise. Her dead body was placed on a table and later her children cremated her in their compound. The place is strictly prohibited for the trespassers and even if they try to trespass also they are executed by the duo. They were given right by the Delhi government to shoot anyone who tries to enter their premises. And amazingly many were vanished. They were just trying to be little adventurous. As per the people Princess Sakina roam around wearing a black gown accompanied by uncombed hair and neither she left the mahal and staying there for decades. Just an mere information for the adventurers.


Ghost Stories and Experiences in a New Aspect



It is a forest area ranging about 10 kms. The inhabitants of the area have reported that a lady wearing a white sari appears and disappears within a fraction of seconds and makes the area one of the most haunted places in New Delhi. So make sure you are not present there mainly after the sunset.



According to the source an old couple used to leave there but they were killed cold blooded. From that time the place is famous as haunted. People living around the area said that often soft whispering, muffed laughter and strange voices are witnessed by the people. All these have made this place haunted.


This infamous road of Delhi is haunted with the spirit of two children named Sanjay and Geeta. They were kidnapped for money but later the boy was brutally murdered and the girl was raped and later murdered by Jasbir and Kuljeet (Billa and Ranga) their kidnappers. Later on they were arrested and were given death penalty. But according to very few people the spirits of the two poor children still appears in that road.

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