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The Vital Role of Keywords in PPC Management

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Every online marketing campaign is related to the use of keywords. As keywords are important for SEO campaigns, so are keywords useful and essential for PPC ad campaigns too. In fact, PPC ad campaigns management are based on keywords. Keywords are referred to as those words that a user will use to find more information about a product, service or topic. For example, if a user wants to buy a juicer, he will type words such as ‘juicer’, ‘pineapple juicer’, ‘electric juicer’ and so on. These are keywords. Here, the primary keyword is ‘juicer’ and others are secondary keywords.

Identify the Right Keywords

It is important to identify the right keywords that your target audience will be using to search for relevant information that can be good to your business. Identifying these keywords is important because then you can utilise those keywords to formulate the content of your website. These keywords are what will pay an important role in making your PPC ad campaigns a success. Just imagine, your target audience uses totally different keywords than what you use and they will never be able to reach you. When you create a PPC ad with relevant keyword and the info that the target audience is looking for, you will be sure to get a click on the ad which will take them to your landing page and prompt them to buy and thereby helping you achieve a sale.

Using the wrong keywords can turn all your efforts into a futile one and you will stand to lose money. At the same time, using the right keywords will bring in success, not only your campaign’s but also your businesses.


The keywords that you select for your PPC ad campaign have to be unique, relevant to your cause and purpose and clear. Ambiguous keywords will never give the desired result. For a car services business in Melbourne, many unique keywords need to be used, not just car services. May be, even keywords specifying each services offered can be of use, such as car paints, car repairs, car seat repair and so on. Users may also search for ‘car services Melbourne’ or even type the street name with it for clearer information. Thus, for PPC campaigns, keywords are what will do the trick and nothing else.


Just as important the use of right keywords is, so is finding about negative keywords. For example, for a watch store selling Rolex watches, just ‘Rolex watches’ may take them to a store selling fake Rolex watches. Hence, it is important to identify such negative keywords and then identify ways to co-relate them with the right keywords so that whenever the user types in the word, the search engines will display your ad.

Now, various advanced tools are available that can help you with the right keyword research for your business. Google Adwords is one such tool. The right keyword tools will work along with Google Analytics and through the traffic stream of your website, will find what words have users on the net used in order find you. This process helps you get the right and quality keywords which can be an effective way to enhance the success of PPC ads.

Using the right match of keywords is also very important in PPC campaigns. There are various categories for the same such as broad match in which gives you a range of variations for your keyword. Phrase match means those words which are used along with your main keyword to optimize your PPC ads. Then, there is the exact match that is the exact keyword that is used to trigger your ad on using just this word.

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