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Do you Think Traditional & Direct Marketing Methods are Best for your Company?

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Here is the variety of digital and traditional marketing methods available but which is the best for a particular industry? It seems that depending on the type of industry the marketing method should be chosen. Direct letterbox marketing is a leaflet distribution specialist and they have compiled some of the finest marketing methods possible.

#1: Direct Marketing

The target-marketing magazine listed telecom, finance, clubs, and insurance among the top ten companies which make the most of the direct marketing campaigns. Apart from them, there are domino’s that have the option for door drop marketing is noted for spending approx. 10mllion in this campaign method every year and it is their second most popular method.

Freeview HD allows their customer to sign up for the subscription through the direct mail. Wyevale garden centers stay updated about the customers through the various membership schemes. They target the clients’ interests and give them the right solutions accordingly.


Hence one can rightly add restaurants with takeaway services and specialty centers in the list of industries, which make the most of the direct marketing methods.


#2: Email Marketing

Email marketing is gaining popularity rapidly due to their wide reach and according to the email industry census-key sector report, email ROI was as high as 73% in 2016.

The top six sectors which make the maximum use of email marketing include charity and non-profit organizations. The maximum respondent from this sector has rates email marketing with a positive review calling it, “excellent” or “good”. The hospitality and travel industry to requires email marketing for a wider reach. 83% of the respondent from this industry have rated email marketing with a very positive review ranging from “excellent” to “good”.

Retail/ mail order is another industry, which makes the most of the email marketing, and they have responded with positive feedback depending on their experience with this kind of marketing campaign. 57% of these companies rated their own company’s email marketing campaign as good or excellent.

Print and publishing media is a major sector, which is noted for making use of the email campaigning methods. Financial services and insurance companies are the second last choice in this list. They also carry their campaigning through this method and have given a very positive feedback regarding them.

Lastly, technology and telecom companies too often need the email ROI services and their marketing campaign through this method has been very successful indeed.


#3: Social Media Marketing

A relatively innovative and new method of marketing, social media marketing is a notable option, which looks like it, is suitable for a specific type of industry. Social media campaigning have been successful for these particular types of companies as follows.

Retail marketing through social media has notably gained a larger audience. This industry includes retail stores for various types of new products and items and the company can easily connect and get direct feedback from the customer about what they would like.


Food and drink industry finds special media to be a very promising marketing platform and 8 out of 10 restaurants are already making the most of this marketing method. The advantage of sharing the food images on the social media often helps the company very much. Fashion industries too are making the most of the campaigning strategies through social media. Social media is a great platform for various entertainments and keeping this in mind, the entertainment industry widely makes use of this marketing method. In fact, fashion, food, and drink have a major marketing advantage through this platform.

Real estate is an industry that is thriving through the social media marketing and social media helps the company as well as the customer to have a proper understanding of the property they are discussing. Any marketing company makes the most of the social media a marketing tool for their own purpose. 96% of the industries in marketing put forward their marketing plans through the social media platform.

In the recent times, education industry and colleges and universities, in particular, have resorted to the marketing through social media. In this way, one can have an exposure to a larger number of people who are looking for such services. Also, the education industry gets a larger audience from across the world when they market online through the social media. Social media is a platform majorly used by youngsters and marketing through social media ensures that the education industry can make them aware of what they can expect from a certain company.

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