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Three Simple Rules For Making Sure Your Children Live Healthier Lives

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Health and fitness is a growing concern for a lot of us. We all fit into demographics that are seeing more interest in getting in good shape. Baby boomers are growing older and seeking ways to fight off all the aging that comes with that. Millennials are part of this new interest in seeing fitness as a passion, a hobby to get into. Then there’s the growing concern of what our future looks like.

Obesity rates continue to rise and we all know it’s our children who are most at risk. So what can we do to lower that risk?

Make it Fun

The oldest trick in the book for getting kids to do things that they normally don’t want to do. Exercise can become a rewarding part of life for those of us who are willing to commit to it. However, some of us never developed the habit for that. It’s a lot easier to influence a kid to develop that habit. Sites like http://baseballcoaching.tips/baseball-tips/ can help you get them into baseball, for example. Kids can very easily develop a natural taste for competitive sports. Those that don’t might find it more rewarding to go on bike rides with you to explore new places. Make it fun for them so it doesn’t become a chore in later life.



Lead by Example

Notice how we said you should take them on bike rides with you. When it comes to promoting a healthy lifestyle, you can’t afford to take a backseat. For one, getting motivated for exercise is a lot easier when there’s someone else there. No-one can motivate a child quite as well as their parent, either. There’s also something more than a touch hypocritical about espousing the reasons to stay in shape if you’re not doing it yourself. Beyond all that, there are some real benefits for the kind of relationship you develop with your child, too. Shared experiences build bonds better than anything. Getting fit with your child could be a tradition you carry with them for years to come.


Keeping the Right Food in the House

Another change that your child shouldn’t have to go through alone is the diet. Adults will find it difficult to abstain from those terribly tasty treats if they’re in the cupboards. Children do not have the same impulse control as us. They have it a lot worse. So if you’re trying to get your children into a healthier lifestyle, change by restocking the cupboards. Don’t keep any junk in the house and refuse any pleas to pick up those unhealthy snacks. Instead, set out a meal plan for the whole family so you’re well stocked with a wide variety of healthy foods at all times. There are lots of meal plans you can get from sites like http://www.healthyeating.org/Healthy-Eating/.


The truth is, as always, it’s the environment we provide for our child that will really help them in future. We need to teach them the habits of healthy living while they’re young. That way it’s easier for them to stick with it as they grow.

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