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Three Simple Ways You Can Make Yourself Irresistible To Employers

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Job hunting is one of the more stressful things that you have to do in your life. A lot of people dislike it so much that they will stick with jobs that they don’t enjoy, just so that they don’t have to go on the job hunt. From handing out resumes to going to interviews, there are plenty of aspects of trying to find a new job that is pretty much guaranteed to leave you feeling tense. A lot of the time this tension comes from one simple place: a fear of rejection. This fear is completely natural and is something that just about everyone experiences. The best thing that you can do is to use this fear productively. Instead of allowing it to make you hide your head in the sand, you should use it to encourage you to push yourself to be the best possible candidate. With that in mind, here are some simple tips to help you become irresistible to employers


Being able to communicate might well be the single most important skill that any job seeker needs. For one thing, if you can’t clearly communicate your qualifications through a well written and proofread resume then it’s going to end up thrown in the trash before an employer even finishes reading it. Communication is also the most important thing when you’re being interviewed. You might have a huge amount of passion for your work and a lot of great ideas, but if you can’t clearly explain them to someone, no one is ever going to know. Being able to communicate in multiple languages is also one of those things that employers are looking for more and more. Resources like Effortless English Club and other language learning courses are fantastic for giving you that edge over the competition. While it would be nice to be able to say that your qualifications and achievements were the only things that mattered, many of them simply aren’t worth anything if you can’t communicate them properly.



A lot of the time, employers will know whether or not they’re interested in a candidate within thirty seconds of them walking into the room for an interview. Even if you’re incredibly qualified, walking into a room with your head down, staring at the floor is going to make a terrible first impression. Make sure that you carry yourself with confidence, especially during an interview. Stand up straight, look the interviewers in the eye. Don’t be afraid to take your time answering questions. It’s better to think about what you’re going to say and then speak clearly and confidently then to rush into an answer and have your sentences be filled with ums and ahs.



You need to be able to show a prospective employer that you’re going to be capable of more than just following instructions. Sure, employers want people who can follow instructions, but at the same time, they want people who are able to take the initiative and help push their business forward. When you’re being interviewed, don’t be afraid to offer up ideas for how you would help to shape the business.


Sure, the ideas might not be perfect, but they will allow employers to see that you’re willing to go above and beyond the call of duty in your work.

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Karthik Linga is working as a Digital Marketing Specialist for past 6+ years and contributes as a part-time blogger by learning newer tactics from the experts everywhere. During his free time, he likes to share some of the mind techniques that help sharpen mental processing and arithmetic calculations.

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