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Tips to Do up Your Child’s Room

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Kids can get surprisingly excited at the thought of having a room based on their favourite theme or character. They will make it their den and their hideout. Just as a décor which pleases the eye gives us immense delight, so it does for kids. The best part is that it’s not as tough to do as you think. Here are some tips to get you started.

It means a lot if your kids love their room. It also says a lot about your decorating skills. Not all of us are born designers though, nor can we always afford to hire a designer. Never mind, just a few basic changes in the décor of the bedroom like a coat of paint or changing the kids duvet covers from NZ will go a long way. A few things to focus on are:

A Theme

Discuss with your child about what theme she wants to do up her room in. Taking her opinion lets her know her thoughts are valued. Of course, if you are decorating for a baby, you will decide. Sometimes kids come up with outlandish ideas which need to be toned down or they may come up with something brilliant. The theme will determine everything else that you would do, like the paint, the upholstery, and the knick-knacks.



Just a fresh coat of paint can change the entire look of a room. Consider keeping one wall a different colour, or doing a wall painting which goes with your theme. You can do up the ceiling differently so that your kid has something lovely to gaze up at as he falls asleep.

Research Online

Look for what works best for your theme while still keeping your costs low. You will be able to buy sets of cot duvet covers in NZ online. There are options like cars, animals, safari, sea and princesses. You can buy curtains to match also. Some sellers offer you free shipping if you purchase above a certain amount. They guarantee fast delivery and allow easy returns.


Wall Decoration

Get wall decals or stencils. They can be changed easily and come in a huge variety of designs. Alternatively, you could think of blowing up your kids’ photos to wall-sized prints. Even kids’ artwork can be framed and hung up. You could have a part of the wall painted with chalkboard paint to have a permanent drawing canvas.


Buy sturdy, durable furniture which can be used by your kid for a long time. You should not have to change the chest of drawers you got a couple of years back, just because it’s too small. Also, avoid furniture which follows a set theme. Your kid won’t want to sleep in a car-shaped bed forever. Instead, use the theme for soft furnishings like bed linen, drapes, rugs and wall art. Set the furniture as flexible as possible so that it can be moved about to create more floor space.


Look for Deals

When redoing the kid’s room consider buying most of the items online if possible. You can get great discounts and choose from a large variety of options. Most of these websites offer deals on their merchandise regularly and some of them also have a dedicated section for the same. Whether you are looking for Duvet covers for kids in NZ or bed linen for adults, shopping online can save you some valuable bucks while offering wide variety.

Ensure your little one’s room is cheerful and well-lighted. Spending time and effort on doing up his or her room will just be another way of telling your child, how much he or she is loved and cherished.

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