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Tips to Choose your Roll up Banner Stands

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Now get your message out and about. A decent roller banner helps you get your uniquely designed message noticed and delivered to the visitor. Whatever form of Pop up banner you use, it will allow you to make an inviting impression in any environment.

Honestly, don’t waste your time in setting up things, by using banner stand you can save half of your time because it is quick and simple to set up. Pop up banners from Where the trade buys actually give a professional look to your product promotion and they are easy to handle and move.

To get the best out of Banners, you need to follow these tips below:


#1: Make it attractive and balanced

The viewer only gives few seconds to your banner so don’t waste your time and don’t fill your space with product name, detail etc. Give audience some interesting quote or sentence or some impressive one liner so that it grabs the attention of any viewer. If you are introducing new product and you want it to stand out then just place the banner at an eye level.

A study tells that 80% of the banners with short phrases are more effective. Therefore, it is advisable to work on perfecting the message rather than the whole content. Don’t fill it up with unnecessary information. Make your banner message short and precise to attract visitors.


#2: Make it interactive for getting attention

People usually smile back if you look at them and smile. So use this trick and make your banner interactive and funny so it can bring smile on a viewer’s face looking at it. It should be something amusing to make an individual look at it twice, it could be an interesting picture or something funny. When you are able to relate to the targeted audience they will certainly see what you are promoting.

#3: Make wise image selection

The image you have to choose for your banner should be high quality and should represent your brand. It should engage targeted audience and the message you are trying to convey should not be vague. It is best to capture a picture in a professional way but if you are dragging an image from internet make sure that that image is 300 dpi and saved as CMYK for printing purposes. Do not try to save an image straight from a website, as, it might have a poor quality and the graphics need to be impressive because you aim to capture the attention of people.


#4: Keep your content precise

To get public’s attention your banner should be outstanding. It should include that one thing you believe audience needs to know. Along with your brand’s name and address, do include a short attractive phrase to your banner.

#5: Put logo on the top

The center and important message should stand on the top of the banner so it could be on eye level whether it is brand’s motto, slogan, product picture or your site. When someone walk past it, mostly eye level message grab the way to get somebody’s attention.


#6: Play with colors

Make colors your friend while making your banner. You have to use one color palate for your logo and other existing design it can help your banner to stand out in public. The background color of roll up stand and text should be different so all pictures and content must be clear. Choose your color wisely, try to use lively colors like red and orange which can truly get the consideration and try to avoid yellow and white together as it will be truly difficult to handle them together.

#7: Contact Information

Most important thing to include in a banner is your company’s contact details. This is the only way for the people in attendance at any exhibition to contact you to avail your services and for inquiring more about the product/service. In contact details, you have to add your name, contact number, email address, website and social network channels like Twitter and Facebook. Contact information is usually placed at the bottom corner of the banner, it should be clear to read and easy to understand for visitors.

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