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Tips on Preparing Your Home for Sale

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You want your house to look good because more people will like it and you will be able to get a better price. Everybody knows that. Once you decide to put it on the market, you need to figure out how to make your home look appealing. There are some general rules about what people want and do not want to see in the house they are about to buy, so make sure you go that extra mile and get a better deal.

Cleaning Like Never Before

It is not just dusting. It is removing those persistent stains in the bathroom that you got used to and made your peace with them. It is about removing all the things from the kitchen cabinets and cleaning them thoroughly. The best option that you have is simply to hire cleaners that will do this job for you and maintain that level until you sell the house. Professional cleaners have devices and products that you do not and they have the experience, so save your time and get it done.

Refreshing the Finishes and Paints

New paint on the walls and new finish on the old furniture will make your home look clean and fresh. Even if the furniture is old, once it has a new finish, it will be charming and nice. Nobody wants to buy things that look shabby and ancient, but cleaning them up and giving them new coats of paint make them look great.


Make the Space Less Personal

Once a buyer is in your home, they want to see the opportunity and the home that they can make their own. If your house is full of family photos, memorabilia, collections and similar things, it will remind your buyer that it is not their place. It is never a pleasant thing to feel like an outsider and a stranger in a place that you want to make your own. Buyers want to buy their new home and not somebody else’s home. Therefore, lose the overly personal details, but keep the things that make the house feel homely. Let a scent of freshly baked cookies fill the air or add a couple of comfy cushions.


Take the Tips from Professionals

Different buyers want different things. However, a certain type of buyers with certain set of expectations come to certain neighborhoods to look for their next home. People that go to the luxurious areas to buy homes usually expect pools, high tech appliances and similar things. Other neighborhoods do not offer anything special, but the homes are cheap. Find a reliable property agent and ask for advice about your neighborhood. They will gladly help if you hire them, because it is in their interest to sell your home.

De-Clutter All Areas

Clutter is your enemy in so many ways. Every possible version of Feng Shui has a rule about de-cluttering the area. It is not healthy to live in a cluttered space and it is not nice to look at. Home in clutter looks messy, dirty and not appealing. Therefore, make sure you de-clutter your home and keep it that way if you want to sell it.

Do all you can to make your home look great for your potential buyers, but make sure that your investment pays off. If you go over the top with buying new appliances and furniture, it will not match the price you can get. Therefore, do what is necessary but do your math right with the help of your agent.

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