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Tips to Take Creative Macro Photos With Your Mobile Phone

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Macro photography is a highly creative field that can produce rewarding pictures. Simply put, it is a field of photography that involves extreme close-ups usually of very small objects. As a result, the size of the subject in the photo is quite large and life-like. The closer the object is to the lens, the greater will be the magnification.

Macro photography enables the photographer to capture the small details of a subject. The good news is, you do not need a DSLR camera to take exquisite macro photographs. A smartphone camera can work quite well in enabling you to take stunning macro photographs.

You can take macro photographs of anything and the images will turn out to be captivating. This is because macro photography adds an element of mystery to the pictures and keeps the viewer guessing the subject. While taking macro photographs, the only limit is your imagination.


Let’s take a look at some of the methods that can help you take the gorgeous macro photos using your mobile phone’s camera.


Choose the Subject Wisely

The most important aspect of a macro photo is the subject. The portion of the subject you plan to focus on could tell a lot about the picture. Keep in mind that you need to be quite close to the subject to capture the photograph. Additionally, any movement of the subject while you are capturing the photograph can ruin the entire shot. For example, if you are focusing on a cat’s nose, choosing a sleepy cat is wise.

Use Additional Gear

Some smartphone cameras have a macro setting embedded. If your smartphone is not one of them, you can consider downloading an app that helps in taking these macro photographs. Many manufacturers sell lens attachments that can be mounted on the lens of the smartphone for taking macro photographs. You should try out a few lenses before selecting the right one. When mounting these lenses on the phone, it is important to do it in a way that enables you to remove and attach the lens at will. Otherwise, your phone’s camera will become useless when you need to take normal photos.


You would also require a tripod and a remote shutter for taking macro photographs with your mobile phone. This is because even the slightest movement while taking a macro photograph can make the image extremely blurry since the magnification is quite high.

Pay Attention to Light

Shooting your macro photos during early morning or late afternoon can make the images interesting. This is because the soft, warm glow of the light during these times can make the photographs look beautiful.

Apart from that, you would need to keep in mind that the closer you get to your subject, the more light your camera would need. Therefore, increasing the exposure while focusing is important. That being said, it may not be a necessary step for all macro shots. You can consider experimenting with it for the shots to ensure that you take the best one.

Get Creative With Water

Water can be a wonderful addition to macro photographs. Up close, water droplets can look like jewels and gems, thus enhancing the photo significantly. Water droplet photos should be taken with extreme care. Otherwise, you would risk your phone’s lens getting wet, thus distorting the image.

Apart from that, you can consider taking water drop photos for your macro photography project. Water drop photos can be wonderful to look at and aren’t very difficult to achieve.


Include the Tiny Details

The details that you choose to include in a photo can improve or ruin it. Also, for macro photos, the tiny details stand out. Therefore, it is important to choose the details wisely. There is the inspiration around you. All you need to do is to pay close attention. You can consider including patterns and change your perspective for some wonderful outcomes.

Join a Photography Workshop

It is important to get your basics right in order to take exquisite macro photos. A photography workshop is a great platform for gaining the right skills. If you live in Dubai, you can join photography workshops in Dubai for this purpose. You would learn from the experts and come to know of the tips that will make your macro photos unique.

These steps can help you capture breathtaking macro photographs using your mobile phone.

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