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Tips and Tricks For Getting the Most Out Of Your Android Phone

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So you have decided to go for an Android phone. Over the years they have been a less popular option. But over time, they are becoming more and more popular. The popularity of iPhone’s is dwindling, and the technology for Android is just getting better and better. If you’ve not had an Android phone before, then you’re in the right place. Here are some tips and tricks, to make sure that you get the best out of your Android device.

Change the Look Of Your Screen

If you are getting a little tired of looking at the same old widgets or symbols on your screen, there are options. You can download free apps for Android in the Google play store. They will allow you to change the interface of your phone. So your launchers and lock screen can look completely different.


Use Your Power Savings Mode

If you have been at work most of the day and had your phone in your bag, how come nearly all the battery is used up? You can use a power saving mode on your Android device. It will still let you make calls or send texts, and use the internet. It will restrict your app usage, though. They use up the power on your phone, even when you aren’t using them. So it is a pretty big deal to be able to preserve your battery life. You can easily switch in and out of it, though. So you can run your phone as normal when you need to. If all else fails, you could think about getting yourself an extra battery. Unlike an iPhone, you can remove the back of the phone and swap out the battery. So there is never a reason to not have any power when you’ve got an Android.



Use Google Chrome

When you use Google Chrome app on your phone, make sure that you are signed into it. Then when you use it on any other of your devices (like a tablet or laptop), the information will carry over. So it helps to have your bookmarks or preferences carry over. You might be out and about and want to bookmark a page. Then you can view it on your laptop, without having to use your phone to view it.


Use a Different Keyboard App

If you find that you would prefer a different keyboard app, then there are plenty of options. You could download an app like Swype which allows you to swipe from letter to letter, rather than press. So there are easy ways to make your Android work better for you and have it just as you want.


Android has come a long way over the past few years. You can make more changes with an Android that you can with Apple, in my opinion. You are able to tweak it just as you want it, which isn’t always the case with other phones. Are there any apps that you think are a must-have when it comes to Android?

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