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Top 5 Chemical Export Companies in India

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India is an emerging superpower in the field of chemicals, whether agriculture related or petrochemicals. While the use of chemicals are widening in the modern world, the demand for such suppliers have also gone up.

Chemical companies in India have grown to the level where they are able to export and provide for global markets. Earlier, while the Indian subcontinent was being looked at in terms of a bigger importer as well as consumer of chemicals, we are turning the world on its head with entrepreneurs setting up these multi-billion dollar businesses.

Though it may have been hard to believe how much of a frontrunner the country has become in terms of chemical export, supply etc.; increasingly, Indian conglomerates have proven their metal in this industry.


Let’s look at the top five companies that excel in chemical export in India:

Tata Chemicals

Tata is already an established giant in various industries including steel, car manufacturing, hospitality etc. With the advent of the chemical and agriculture business, Tata has proven their worth in this industry as well. They are the second largest soda ash distributors in the world and export chemicals to continents across the globe including Asia, Europe and Africa.


Tata, headquartered out of Mumbai are in the business of producing agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides etc.

KPL International

KPL is another giant player in the chemical industry producing and exporting a wide variety of chemicals. They are a premier chemical company in India with business tie ups all across the world.

With partnerships with over 35 major companies, KPL has emerged as quite the competition in the field of chemicals by producing not just agricultural chemicals but the likes of polymers, paints, soda ash and other allied products.


Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd

Over three decades old in the field of chemical manufacturing, Gujarat Heavy Chemicals as the name suggests functioning out of Gujarat primarily are a large scale distributor of chemicals such as soda ash to companies across the world.


Majorly in the soap business, they are also a leading business which does chemical export in India. They are one of the largest suppliers of soda ash for the textile, chemical and paper industry.

India Glycols Limited

India Glycols is a leading petrochemical contributor and are one the leading chemical companies in India. They produce and export petrochemical such as natural gums, glycols and ethoxylates.


They have emerged as one of the significant presence in the nutraceuticals as well as pharmaceutical business.


Set out of Mumbai, BASF has been serving as one the chemical companies in India for over a century with a variety of chemical products. They are one of the leading suppliers producing a wide spectrum of chemicals in sectors such as gas, oil, petrochemicals and agricultural sectors.


They also boast of a research and development centre.

These are five of the frontrunners in the chemical export business in India.

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