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Top 5 World Famous Safari Tours

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There’s a hidden adventurer in all of us. And this trait comes out on adventures such as safaris. There are quite a few of them around the world. But, only the 5 best are listed below.

Safaris are always amazing experiences. They let people get in touch with nature, and appreciate animals –up close and personal. Being the ‘Tarzan’ in different and varied natural habitats is possible on these safaris.

# 1. Serengeti

An imperishable, colorful, and pleasant area, this park flourished with winged creatures and a host of flora. It also has a very diverse fauna population. The greenery around also seems quite enchanting.


The view is also quite scenic, with superb perspectives of mountains and fields. And within this wide expanse graze many wild animals.

The safari is usually said to be quite mind-boggling and is one of the best safari destinations and also many of them like to have a Dubai desert safari tours  in popular destinations !


# 2. Ngorongoro Crater

This safari takes place in the mineral rich floors of a giant crater. There are a host of zebras that flourish on these grasses. In addition, other grazing animals include the wild ox, the Thomson’s gazelle, the Grant’s gazelles and the local tsessebe. The dark rhino population is also quite tremendous here.

Also to be found on this safari, are wild bulls, great tuskers, impalas and giraffes. The lion population of this crater is also quite significant. Other wild cats to be found are the panther, the cheetah, and the spotted hyena. The crater is also home to jackals and bat-eared foxes.


# 3. Kruger

Home to the most diverse qualities of natural life in South Africa, the Kruger safari is truly remarkable. The term Kruger National Park typically alludes to the primary park itself, open to the general population yet far greater and more out of control than you may might suspect – especially the further north you go.

Amusement survey is phenomenal all through this measured location and there are numerous Kruger settlement choices for a complete and remunerating safari. The Big 5 – elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard, and lion –are the most viewed game on this safari.


# 4. Okavango Delta

The Okavango River delta, or ‘Okavango Delta‘, covers more than 15,000km² with a lavish water-wild of papyrus bogs, shallow reed-informal lodging, dabbed with islands and bound with a system of channels. It is one of Africa’s top big game safaris, in addition to being a good spot to relax and unwind.

People generally opt going up the river in a canoe to view the varied game found on this safari. A guide is recommended to be able to spot such game in their natural habitat. You can see snakes, fishing birds like the kingfisher, tropical fish, and some big creatures such as the red lechwe, and elephants. You can also view the diverse flora found along the backs of the river.


# 5. Masai Mara

The Masai Mara covers 1510 sq km of completely open savannahs and prolific riverine forests in south-western Kenya. It is structurally a continuation of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

It is most popular for its Big Cat population. And it is most popular at the time of the Wildebeest Migration. It is also a great safari for people especially interested in photography.


Thus, these are arguably the top 5 safaris of the world. Bookings for such safaris can be done through travel agencies in Egypt such as luxor day tours. They are great places to get in relax and appreciate nature.

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