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Top Ideas to Celebrate Your Marriage Commemoration

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Wedding anniversaries are really special. The date reminds you of so many memories built together on one such day. You become nostalgic, you cherish older memories, and you count the number of days that have passed in between. If you have spent many such days without doing something special, now is the time. Why not surprise your spouse with some sweet gestures? Why not take a leaf out of the diary and make it memorable for future days. Why not ignite the old passion once again? If you are planning to go for celebrations or some surprise gift, here are some ideas for you. Try out a few of them and you can surely make your spouse happy!

#1: Buy her Favourite Gift

You must be aware of your wife’s favourite by now. Is it a dress? Is it some novel? Is it a little pet dog? Find out what is it. Think hard; something that will make her really happy. Go to the shop and buy it. Wrap it beautifully. If you want you can also buy a card or make one yourself. Write a small poem for her like you used to in your college days. Now place it at some spot where she can easily find it on the anniversary day, say at the dinner table or under her pillow or maybe you yourself can hand it over to her directly and see the smile on her face!


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#2: Book a Resort

You can book some resort or guest house near some romantic spots. Do that prior to the occasion. You can just give her a surprise ride to that place and spend a few days together, far away from the madding crowd. Not only you will have few moments to spend together in a much different way from everyday schedule but also such hours will invigorate your married life in newer ways. When you’re together, recall older memories, roam around together at early morning, have sumptuous lunch and don’t forget to raise a toast to all the happy days you have spent together.

#3: Go out for a Film

Take your wife out for a film or to dine at the restaurant or maybe both. Also, if there is some special movie that you have had enjoyed once upon a time, bring it on. Grab some popcorns and sit together to watch the film at your own house. Watching an old movie together is one of the best ways to rekindle the old passions and memories. Don’t forget to stay close!

#4: Disco!

It’s time to do some rock and roll! Keep aside the entire tiresome regular schedule. Add some sparks in your married life by visiting the best disco of your town with your wife. Even if she is a bit shy to work out this plan, coax her and just be there! Get on the dance floor and shake your body with the rhythm of the tunes. At times, it’s important to dance to the fullest so as to recharge the energy for the upcoming days.


#5: Prepare a Yummy dish:

Are you good at cooking? Why not cook some wonderful dish for your wife? Never mind if it’s not perfect but this gesture is surely going to make her happy. Also place a sweet note at the table just next to the dish.

#6: Online Surprise

In this dot com world, you should go for some online surprise as well! How about making a video where you can include all the moments that you have shared together? Send it to her mail account or post on her Facebook wall. You can also go for free anniversary e-cards that express all the feelings and emotions that you have always wanted to convey to your partner. You can choose from a number of varieties and also add unique, personalized messages to it.


Try out the above ideas and celebrate the day by re-living the older memories with your partner. Save in some more moments to cherish in future. Love each other and be the best companions in this journey called life!

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