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Top List of Traveling Spots You Wish To Visit Every Year

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Taking a vacation once in a while helps you to detach from the busy schedules related to work and what not, and have some time to enjoy life, even though for a while. Whether travelling alone or in the company of friends or family, the main aim is to have an epic time. Taking a vacation is a great thing that becomes even greater if you go to an awesome place that has so much to offer. However, much of this will be determined by what you love and your budget. Below, we look at some travelling spots that you should consider next time you want to take a break from the normal life and try something new.

#1: Paris, France

Since time immemorial, Paris has been one of the top most tourist destinations. Taking into account all the possible opportunities the city has to offer, it isn’t a wonder really. The city holds many cultural treasures; from the museums, art collections, divine cuisines and so much more. Honestly, you will need to spend so much more time before you exhaust all the treasures it has to offer. Did I mention the unforgettable aura of the city that you will treasure forever? June to August is the perfect time to visit Paris.


#2: London, England

Ever wonder what a perfect mix of traditions and modernity would look like? London comes close. Incorporating the best of both worlds, the scenery in this cosmopolitan city is simply mind blowing. Life is on a whole new level; unless of course, that is where you come from. Fashion, food, nature are all blended together making this destination one of the paramount travel ideas. While there, visit the Tower of London, British Museum, among others. Oh, and the tea is simply delicious.



#3: New York

Urban adventure is what New York sounds like. The Manhattan’s skyscrapers at night are simply a sight to behold. During the day, have fun shopping at the various boutiques in SoHo. The Central Park is also a great place to visit while there. Exhibits at Met and Broadway shows are among the things you should look forward to while travelling there.


#4: Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a great place to visit especially if you are on a budget. Most of the tourist attractions there are free to visit. From the Imperial Palace to Tsukiji Market, you get to have a time of your life without suffering financially. If you are into technology and are looking to gain a deeper understanding of it, this is the place to be. Everyone there is a tech-wizard. The dishes there are delicious too.


#5: Cape Town, South Africa

Africa has been a favorite tourist destination in the recent past. The pyramids in Egypt and the incredible wildebeest migration between Kenya and Tanzania’s game reserves have attracted so many tourist in the past. Cape Town in South Africa, on the other hand encompasses what would be termed as the impeccable life. While on a world travel there, be sure to enjoy the great food, music (Jazz lovers where are you?), stunning beaches, and historic places such as Robben Island.


#6: Orlando, Florida

When the little ones are growing up, a trip to Disney World is normally their greatest dream. If you are looking to make their dreams come true take them to Orlando. Apart from that, there are roller coasters and theme parks. South of Orlando you find Legoland, the home of creativity. Suffice it to say, Orlando is the place to take a vacation as a family. Don’t forget to take them to the Wizard World of Harry Potter.


#7: Rome, Italy

Rome offers a chance to travel back in time. If you are looking to see (and possibly feel) what life was like during the Great Roman Empire, then Rome will offer you exactly that. The churches, such as St Peter’s Basilica, hold a deal of history in them. There are also monuments and ruins (restored) that you can visit to learn more about life then.


#8: San Diego, California

The allure of the beach (and the almost full time warm temperatures) is perhaps what draws many tourists to San Diego. But that is just bet a pinch of the iceberg. The city life offers many outdoor activities that you can partake while there. There are also mouthwatering cuisines to taste (spectacular seafood) as well as a walk in the park (literally) at the various zoo in the city. Places to visit include Mission Beach, Colorado Beach, San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park.



The above travel destinations offer a lot of fun as well as learning in them. But that is not to say that they aren’t other breathtaking places you can visit, far from it. Rio de Janeiro, San Diego, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, British Virgin Island among others, are places you can try out. Be sure to make memorable moments while there.

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