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Top Seven Tips for Using a Gun Safe Infographic

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Top 7 Tips For Using A Gun Safe

1. When you are looking for somewhere to put your safe make sure you check out the moisture levels.

2. Use a dehumidifier if necessary if moisture levels are too high.

3. You do not need to keep the guns in cases or padded sleeves once they are inside the safe.


4. Even if your safe is fire proof don’t keep it in places that fires may break out such as the kitchen.

5. Ensure that the locks on the safe are solid and cannot be easily opened by a child.

6. Make sure the safe is in a location where it will not get blocked by obstacles if you need to get at it quickly in an emergency.

7. It can be a good idea to practice accessing the safe at night without turning the light on.

Top 7 Tips For Using A Gun Safe – Infographic


Original Source Link : https://gunsafeable.com/top-seven-tips-using-gun-safe/

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