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Top Things You Need In Your Crossfit Bag

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When you do Crossfit, you may do any combination of many different movements in a single workout. You might run, jump, light a barbell, do pull-ups or burpees, etc. Because of that variation of movements in a Crossfit workouts, the best crossfitters on Instagram know that you’ll need to have the right equipment so you can move between each movement safely and effectively. With a little planning and preparation, your gym bag will be packed with everything you’ll need for a successful Crossfit workout.


This probably goes without saying, as you very likely will walk into the gym wearing your athletic shoes. However, it’s important to ensure you are wearing the right shoes. Standard running shoes are too cushioned in the heel for Crossfit movements such as squats. For best results, choose a shoe that is specifically labeled as being a Crossfit shoe.

These shoes typically feature zero-drop soles, high-traction grip on the bottom and sides (useful for things like climbing). A good Crossfit shoe will cost a bit more than a typical athletic shoe, but it will be well worth it to ensure your feet are protected and that you can do your CrossFit moves effectively.




Here, you have two options. First, you can pre-cut strips of tape for your hands in your gym bag, or you can keep a full roll and cut it as you need it (in which case you’re also going to need to pack scissors!). The tape is so important to have in your gym bag because many of the moves you’ll do on the bar can really do a number on your hands. Choose the right tape for the right job to protect your hands while still allowing for the flexibility you need to do the movements properly. Tape can be purchased at most pharmacies and department stores for an affordable price.


Jump Rope

If you are serious about Crossfit, it’s a good idea to invest in your own jump rope. Yes, your gym probably has jump ropes available, and there’s nothing wrong with using those if you are just starting out. However, if you want to get serious about Crossfit and you plan to incorporate jumping rope, it’s a good idea to invest in your own rope.


That way, you’ll always know that the rope you are using is the right weight and length for you, that the grips are comfortable in your hands, and that the rope is in good condition – all good things when it comes to using a rope safely and comfortably, which cannot be guaranteed if you are relying on being able to choose what’s left when you get to the gym.


Sweat running into your eyes is not only irritating when you work out, it’s also potentially dangerous. That’s where a good-quality headband comes in. Wearing a comfortable, absorbent headband will keep the sweat from running into your eyes without becoming too tight to on your head.

Look for one that stays in place that is moisture wicking and absorbent, and that is comfortable to wear. It’s a good idea to buy a few, actually, and keep a backup or two in your gym bag just in case you forget one at home after a workout.


Snacks and Supplements

Your body is going to need energy both before and after your workout. Always keep a stash of snacks and/or supplements in your bag. If you prefer to drink a muscle replenishing drink after your workout, for example, keep a pre-measured amount in your bag and add it to your water as needed. Or, add it to a bottle of water at home and transport it ready to drink. Periodically check your bag to ensure you have what you need and that things are not expired, so you can always be ready to feed your body what it needs to get the maximum benefit from your workout.


These are just a few of the things you’ll need to have a successful CrossFit workout. As you go along, you may find you want to add other things such as wrist wraps, a weight belt, lifting shoes, straps and other things that may help you, but you may find that you don’t need those things – or they may become necessities for you. You’ll start to learn what you need, want, and prefer and you can build on this basic kit to create a custom Crossfit kit that is perfect for your needs.

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